Of course, everyone has heard the name of the legendary Michael Schumacher. Now there is a new news about the auction of the legendary Michael Schumacher’s Formula One car.

Even those who do not follow the news of the world of Formula One have heard the name of Schumacher. Indeed, who may not know Schumacher. Now imagine that a person can own Schumacher’s Formula One car with which Michael won the world championship 7 times! How much should such a purchase be? It seems that the answer to this question will be determined soon with the auction of Michael Schumacher’s F1 car.

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Michael Schumacher’s legendary Formula One car auction

The legendary Michael Schumacher Formula One car auction;  Will a new record be set?

In these years and after the unfortunate incident that happened to the legendary Schumacher at the ski resort, the most proud Formula One driver in history went into a coma, and these days the most relevant news with Schumacher’s name is related to his son Mick Schumacher, who is currently in his first professional season in Formula One. spends

Even though Lewis Hamilton has been able to get very close to Schumacher with his good results in recent years, Schumacher’s name is not something that can be easily forgotten, and on the other hand, Ferrari and its attractive cars always have a special reputation in the history of Formula One. . One of the best Ferrari models was the 1998 model, which is now going to be sold at RM Sotheby’s auction.

The Ferrari F300 cars have less power than the current SF90 Stradale model, and it is very natural that we have seen the use of advanced technologies in the cars in recent years. But Schumacher’s car is one of the nine cars built for Formula 1 that have the special title of “never defeated”.

The legendary Michael Schumacher Formula One car auction;  Will a new record be set?

The #187 F300 recorded a DNF record, making it Ferrari’s most successful race car. Of course, the important point here is that previously an F1 car owned by Schumacher was sold for less than 7.5 million dollars, so it is natural that this car will sell for a much higher figure.

The car in question has another important record, which is that it has started at least three races and finished all three in first place. Of course, in the Schumacher Formula One car auction, big companies and collectors such as F1, Tifosi and Ferrari Corsa Cliente will be encouraged to buy the car.

This car is powered by a 3.0-liter V10 Tipo 047 engine that produces 800 horsepower at 17,500 rpm. Schumacher was under contract with the Benton F1 team at the time, and the F300, which had just been unveiled in 1998, was still available. At Monza, Schumacher proved that the No. 187 car could compete with the competition, closing the driver-manufacturer points gap with four straight wins.

The legendary Michael Schumacher Formula One car auction;  Will a new record be set?

Skoda Ferrari kept the car until the following year, when it was sold in the fall of 1999. A private collector bought the car and kept it under his care for the past 23 years. Now the most successful Ferrari car in Formula 1 will be sold at auction with an estimated value of 6-8 million dollars.

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