Japanese students have not attended face-to-face classes for more than two years. In this regard, the city of Toda took action Setting up metaverse classes did

The Japanese city of Toda Saitama has launched metaverse classes to encourage students (especially those who are away from school) to participate in classrooms.

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Setting up metaverse classes

Toda City’s Metaverse Education Service allows students to explore the campus and in Virtual classes to study Local media NHK announced that students must ask their respective school principals to participate Metaverse School Get confirmation.

About 244,940 Japanese elementary and middle school students were absent for at least 30 days in 2021, government data showed. According to NHK, fifth grade students in Japan prefer online chat to attending school.

Japanese children have not been physically present in classrooms for more than two years. Despite being away from school, they share a common interest in meeting up with their friends to play outdoor games such as tag.

Transforming the lives of Japanese students with Metaverse

Japanese authorities continue to try their own direction Improving the attendance experience of students They continue in school. Toda city, Japan, to help students to communicate with different people Setting up metaverse classes did

The launch of metaverse classes by the city of Toda, Japan

Sugimori Masayuki, the president of Toda Education Center, hopes that the launch of metaverse classes will lead to the growth of the learning environment and independent life of Japanese students.

Long-term goals of the city of Fukuoka

The city of Fukuoka started its cooperation with Astar Japan Labs in order to become the center of Web 3.0 of Japan. Fukuoka Mayor Soichiro Takashima affirmed Fukuoka’s long-term achievements. In this regard, he added:

We need to do in the framework of Web3 what big companies did for the world when Japan was strong.

Sota Watanabe, the founder of Astar Network, revealed his intention to work closely with the city of Fukuoka to attract more developers and entrepreneurs.

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