Recently, we have witnessed the publication of a lot of news about fraud in the field of cryptocurrencies, and now the country’s law enforcement intelligence organization has announced the arrest of the king of digital currencies in Tehran.

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The number of thefts and scams in the field of cryptocurrencies in our country is increasing day by day. Recently, the police announced the arrest of the king of digital currencies in Tehran.

It is interesting to know that with the free fall of the price of cryptocurrencies, investors have faced a loss of 2 trillion dollars in this market. Provided from any time.

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What do we know about the arrest of the king of digital currencies in Tehran?

Recently, the country’s law enforcement intelligence agency announced the arrest of a super-swindler in this regard. The king of digital currencies, a scammer with a large number of plaintiffs, has been on the run for a long time, according to the country’s intelligence service.

Unfortunately, this scammer has used hundreds of billions of Tomans from various fraudulent people and misused their little knowledge in this field through formal transactions in the field of cryptocurrencies. The scammer had been wanted by police for a long time and was finally arrested today.

The king of digital currencies was arrested in Tehran

The country’s law enforcement intelligence organization managed to trap this fugitive in a quick action and arrest him during a coherent operation and careful planning with the coordination of the judicial authorities. It is worth mentioning that this Fazd was sent to prison with a bail of one thousand billion.

Of course, before this, the country’s security law enforcement officials had warned the users of the cryptocurrency market about not investing in this area. Officials also said that fraud in cryptocurrencies had increased.

Country Police Spokesman; In one of his official interviews, Sardar Mehdi Hajian stated that according to the statistics of the FATA police and the complaints received, the number of frauds in the field of cryptocurrency is increasing.

He also said that this area is not a safe and suitable area for investment of inexperienced people at all. They are much more likely to lose capital than to make a profit.

If we take a look at the news over the past year, we see a lot of news about the arrest of currency fraudsters by the FATA police. The common denominator of these scammers is that they have stolen all their assets by exploiting the ignorance and trust of investors.

Examining the news published by the FATA police, we found out that last year alone, more than 5,000 billion tomans of people’s property was stolen by fraudsters or people like the king of digital currencies. Therefore, entering this field requires more research.

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