Killer virtual reality headset It really kills you! This headset is based on the famous Japanese story Sword Art Online (SAO).

Killer virtual reality headset Another technological surprise is that according to the founder of the company “Achilles Rift» Designed and built. Palmer Lucky, the founder of Achillesrift, has implemented the idea of ​​making this headset based on the famous Japanese story Sword Art Online (SAO).

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The killer virtual reality headset was introduced

The idea that being killed in Video games Or virtual reality can kill you in the real world has long since made its way into science fiction. Now “Palmer Lucky”, the co-founder of Achilles, claims that the prototype of a VR headset Made with this feature.

Lucky announced in a post on his personal blog:

VR headset He made a new one that has three built-in explosive charges. These pieces are placed in front of a person’s forehead and can instantly destroy the user’s brain. This deadly explosion is activated when the optical sensor can detect the light of a red screen at certain frequencies. As a result, when the page Game Over displayed, the person will actually die!

The killer virtual reality headset was introduced;  With Game Over in the game, you really die!

Of course, Lackey insists that: “His killer headset, which looks like a Quest Pro in the pictures, is, for now, just a work of art that tries to remind us of the possible future direction of the field of game design.”

He says:

He has not yet dared to test this device, because this headset For many reasons, it may have an error and mislead the user.

“The main idea is to build,” says Lackey Virtual reality headset The killer is the famous Japanese story Sword Art Online (SAO), which is about a game virtual reality MMORPG with the same name. The story tells that in November 2022, a mad scientist traps players in a NerveGear headset and tells them that if they die while playing, they will die in the real world.

The NerveGear headset in this story is designed in such a way that it is impossible to remove and leads to the death of the player. Lucky says:

He also has ideas in his mind to implement similar mechanisms, but he has not implemented them yet.

The strange thing is that Lucky says that thousands of people had messaged him and asked if he had ever seen the story of SAO and was planning to make such a headset or not? The co-founder of Achilles claims that this area of ​​game design is an area that has not been paid attention to. However, by extension Metaverse We should probably follow the news of this world more carefully.

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