An 11-year-old teenager from Leeds, United Kingdom, named “Yousef Shah”. IQ score record for people under 18 years old broke the Yusuf Shah has received the highest score in the Mensa test.

The teenager from Leather was able to register Highest IQ score record surpass Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. This teenager scored 162 points in the Mensa test. Physics genius ever A score of 160 have earned Yusuf Shah is in the 6th grade and his goal is to study mathematics at Cambridge or Oxford University. This teenager from British Leather is interested in doing things that stimulate the mind. In his spare time, he solves Sudoku tables and Rubik’s cubes.

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The IQ score record for people under 18 years old is in the hands of a sixth grader!

Yusuf Shah’s mother; Sana in particular Breaking the IQ score record of people under 18 years old By his son, he says: “It made me proud. He is the first person in our family to take the Mensa test. I was a little worried at first because he always took tests in rooms full of other kids. I thought he would be shocked by the presence of these big people in the exam room. But he did very well.” However, Sana told Yusuf that his father is still smarter than him: “Even if you are talented, you have to be hardworking.”

The IQ score record for people under 18 years old is in the hands of a sixth grader!

Irfan Shah, Yusuf’s father, says: “Preparing for the exam [منسا] It’s hard work. We did what we always do. “We didn’t do anything special for this IQ test.” Youssef’s brother, “Khaled”, who is eight years old, hopes to be able to take this IQ test when he grows up.

Yusuf Shah says that when he decided this IQ test said that his friends at school were surprised by his intelligence: “At school, everyone thinks I’m very smart and I always wanted to know if I’d be in the top two percent who take this test or not.”

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