93-year-old Martin Cooper, an engineer and mobile inventor, talks about life without a mobile phone. This comment of his has been expressed almost fifty years after his invention.

Martin Cooper, now 93 years old, who is known as the inventor of the mobile phone or the first wireless mobile phone (Motorola DynaTAC 8000X) remember, it seems that now, after fifty years of his invention, he has a view opposite to his invention. In his last comment, he invited people to live without mobile phones.

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The inventor of the mobile phone talks about life without a mobile phone

Martin Cooper is from Chicago, USA, and he recently admitted in an interview with BBC that he spends less than 5% of his time using his mobile phone on average. When the host asked him what he thought about people spending hours a day on their cell phones, Mr. Cooper made an interesting comment:

They should put their phones away and live a little.

The inventor of the mobile phone talks about life without a mobile phone

The host of the show goes on to tell Cooper that he uses the phone for an average of 5 hours a day. In response to this talk, Martin Cooper said:

Really? Do you really use your mobile for five hours a day?

Then he smiled and said try to get your life back. Cooper is a Ukrainian-American engineer and inventor and the originator of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeach person is a contact number. Actually, before he invented the mobile phone, he had a great idea and believed that the phone should go not to a place, not to a table, not to a house, but to everyone’s pocket.

Cooper unveiled the world’s first mobile phone in April 1973 in the presence of journalists with an investment of 100 million dollars from Motorola and spent 3 months with a team of experts. In his first call to reporters, Martin Cooper called his then-rival Joel Engel, a senior engineer at AT&T, and said:

Joel, I’m calling you on a cell phone, but a real cell phone. A personal portable mobile phone.

He later revealed about the content of the call that his rival on the other end of the line went silent after hearing what he said. The battery of the first mobile phone invented by Cooper lasted only 25 minutes and it took 10 hours to fully charge. The weight of this phone was 1 kg and it was 25 cm long.

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