with announcement Installment sales of new imported cars Manouchehr Lagi said, imported cars are not necessarily Chinese and Japanese and Korean cars are also on the list.

Manouchehr Lagi, deputy of transportation industries of the Ministry of Samat, spoke about the new imported cars and said: Selling imported cars It will be done in installments. In the next year, car manufacturers will also be forced to sell in installments. The General Director of Automotive Industries of the Ministry of Security also said in a press conference: Imported cars are not necessarily Chinese. Tavakli explained about the plans of the Ministry of Security in the field of automobiles.

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Installment sales of new imported cars

Deputy Minister of Transport Industries of the Ministry of Security, Manouchehr Rogi, about the topic Imported cars He stated: “Imported cars will be Chinese, Japanese and Korean.”

Installment sales of new imported cars

He about interference Automobile manufacturers In import and production, he said: Every automobile company will import a brand into the country. If there is a common brand among car manufacturers in this regard, they should work together to increase the depth of internal manufacturing. He further added:

If it is possible to connect every car manufacturer to a company, the past experiences will not be repeated and the bargaining power will also increase.

This point about Car import It is important that if an economic car enters the country and after that, the technology transfer process is carried out, this technology should be centralized and comprehensive.

Regarding the definition of an economic car, Manouchehr Raghi says: “An economic car is a car that is offered at a reasonable price along with the technology it brings. He announced the price of the economy car between 6,000 and 8,000 dollars.

In the continuation of his speech, Logic mentioned the installment sale of new imported cars. Deputy Minister of Transportation Industries, Ministry of Security He promised the installment sales of car manufacturers in the next year and said: their buying queues will collapse.

Installment sales of new imported cars

Regarding the price of imported cars, he added: “There is a law regarding tariff determination. In this law, the price is determined based on fuel consumption. If the price of imported cars goes up, a committee will be formed. In this committee, a floating tariff is imposed by paying the interest of the importer.

The Central Bank has promised to provide one million dollars of currency. Fulfillment of this promise will be the responsibility of the central bank. Reasonable about compliance 85 standards of imported cars He stated: As a result of our meetings with the standards organization, some of the standard rules in this field are supposed to be removed and even in case of non-compliance with the 85 standards, license plates will be issued.

Lahijani was also present at this press conference and gave explanations about the plans of the Ministry of Security in the field of automobiles. At first, he announced that the design of the reform of the automobile industry was done in three parts. The first part Revival of existing capacityPart II, Platform update And the third part Strengthening global communication is related.

He further stated:

We faced a 12% increase in car production in the first 7 months of this year. During 7 months, we have tried to stabilize the production process and reduce defective cars.

In terms of complete car production, we saw a growth of 319%. Currently, many cars in the production line are direct pass. We also saw an increase in production in the private sector. This year, the share of private car manufacturers has increased from 7% to 15%.

Tavakli said about motorcycle production: In the first seven months of the year, about 240,000 motorcycles have been produced. This issue will lay the groundwork for the modernization of the motorcycle fleet. He further emphasized:

We seek to increase added value with the help of knowledge base to achieve production stability.

Regarding the change in the rules of the automobile industry, Tavakli said: We are developing several regulations and instructions so that the structure of the automobile industry can be modified and continue in a sustainable manner.

Lahijani about Car import price He also made a speech. He said: Tariffs will be in accordance with the customs book. Economy cars will have the lowest tariff and the supply of imported cars in the stock market will be a kind of market regulator. Our effort is to minimize import costs in economy cars.

Tavakoli Lahijani said about the names of imported cars: car imports are not limited to these companies and new companies are added to this list.

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