The initial offering of Razi company in the over-the-counter market It was officially confirmed. The Organization of Foreign Exchange announced that 6% of Razi Broadcasting Company’s shares will be initially offered.

November Teter

Shares of Razi Company It will enter the capital market with the symbol “Long 1”. It should be noted that the shares of this company will not be public and will only be given to qualified investors with special registration.

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The initial offering of Razi company in the over-the-counter market

According to the exchange announcement, 6% of Razi company’s shares (equivalent to 60 million shares) will be initially offered with the symbol Darazi 1. Qualified investors can purchase this IPO.

The initial offering of Razi company in the over-the-counter market

Razi company was established in 1363. The main center of this company is located in Tehran and the distribution of goods is carried out in Tehran and other provinces. This company has been active in the field of medicine and medical equipment distribution for a long time.

This complex has skilled and experienced personnel, which operates in the drug market with large capital, extensive facilities, and up-to-date management. This company is committed to supply and distribute only standard medicines and medical equipment approved by the Ministry of Health.

The maximum share that can be purchased for long 1 is 3 million shares at the base price of 16,680 Rials and the fluctuation range of this share in the capital market when placing an order is 14,345 Rials to 19,015 Rials.

Send this order Initial supply It will be possible only through trading stations (namek). The undertakers of Darazi 1’s initial supply will be Kimidaro, Asoeh Pharmaceuticals, and Jaber Ibn Hayyan. It is committed to purchasing, providing new and market capital, and a dedicated investment fund for national development market management.

Also, it will be possible to send an order for the initial offering of Razi company in the over-the-counter market, only through the trading stations (namek).

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