Not long ago, hackers managed to hack the information of 5.4 million Twitter users. Now hackers have started selling hacked information.

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Twitter hackers are now selling the obtained information and the amount they have set for this purpose is at least $30,000. At the same time, the Twitter company found out about this and offered a reward of about 5 thousand dollars to that person.

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Hacking the information of 5.4 million Twitter users

The username of the person posting the ad for selling information on Twitter is devil, who used Breach Forums to do this. According to the claim of this hacker, information such as the information of famous figures, companies, ordinary people and some other details are stolen information. He also claimed that the disclosure and hacking of this information was due to Twitter’s negligence.

The information of 5.4 million Twitter users was hacked

According to the reviews, it is estimated that part of this information includes the general information of users’ accounts, including contact numbers and email addresses. On the other hand, according to the available reports, the hackers have not succeeded in obtaining the passwords, which is good news.

Of course, having the email information, hackers can enter the personal account of the person and by pressing the Forgot Password button, the password will be sent to the desired person’s email. Although with this work they will easily access the password section, but this information can be used for the purpose of selling advertising services.

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