Director General of Crisis Management of Tehran Province From crisis management alert following the issuance of air pollution yellow warning as a result Increasing air pollution in Tehran It was announced on Saturday.

According to repeated announcements Meteorological Organization Regarding the relative stability of the atmosphere and lack of wind, it seems that in the coming days, we will see an increase in Tehran’s air pollution in the central, western and southern parts of the province.

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Increasing air pollution in Tehran

According to a recent report, Hamed Yazdi MehrYesterday evening, while announcing the issuance of a yellow alert Air pollution in Tehran province He stated: “Following the announcement of the Meteorological Organization regarding the relative stability of the atmosphere and the absence of significant wind in the central, western and southern parts of the province, which has led to a decrease in air quality, the crisis management of Tehran province has been put on alert. to put the necessary measures in his agenda if necessary”.

Director General of Crisis in Tehran Province Further, he announced that the necessary arrangements for the deployment of emergency and standby medical centers have also been made and if necessary, these measures will be implemented. Regarding the reason for considering these measures, he added:

“Meteorological organization has announced that due to the increase in air pollution indicators, the air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups and in some places it is unhealthy for all people, in this regard, citizens should consider the necessary measures”.

At the end of his remarks, Yazdi Mehr made some recommendations: “All people are advised to avoid unnecessary and long-term travel in the open space in the city. Because the weather is currently not suitable for people, especially the elderly, children and people with a history of heart and respiratory diseases.

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