With the announcement of the Ministry of Silence and due to the increase in production, the Shahin immediate sale plan without lottery is keyed in the second stage of car sales through the integrated system.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade said that from April to July 28, 1401, car manufacturers have produced more than 241 thousand complete cars, which is a 275% growth compared to the same period last year. Also, the outstanding obligations of car manufacturers have decreased by 84% during this period.

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Instant sale of Sahin without lottery

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Security has stated that due to the growth of car production, the products of car manufacturers will be released to the market without a lottery. He also said that the review of the registrations of the second phase of the integrated allocation of cars indicates that in the Saipa Automobile Group, other products, except Saina S and Quick, have been removed from the plan.

The immediate sale of Shaheen without a lottery was approved by the Ministry of Security

For this reason, and for the first time after three years, due to the increase in car production and the reduction of obligations, Saipa Shahin is going to be offered to customers immediately and without a lottery. Also, in the second stage of the integrated car lottery, about 104 thousand cars will be offered to customers. In addition, all Quick and Quick R registrants will be allocated a car without a lottery.

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