The hacker group Anonymous recently shared a video of the abuses of Do Lovan, the founder of Luna. The hacker group has vowed to bring Dovan Cowan, founder of Luna, and UST to justice for wrongdoing in the collapse of the system.

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On Sunday, a video apparently made by the Anonymous group revealed a list of Do Kwan violations, including cashing in $ 80 million LUNA and UST before the network collapsed and his prominent role in the Basis Cash crash. Two Cowans, nicknamed “Rick Sanchez”, were involved in the Basis Cash project in late 2020.

Revelation of the crimes of the founder of Luna by the hacker group Anonymous

Anonymous said it had been monitoring all of Cowan’s illegal activities since its inception in the crypto space to expose his crimes. In a message to the two Cowans, Anonymous said:

Du Cowan, if you are hearing this message, unfortunately there is no way to compensate for the damage you have done to the cryptocurrency industry so far. At this point, the only thing we can do is make sure you are brought to justice as soon as possible.

The hacker group Anonymous has promised to confront Luna, the founder of Luna

Anonymous believes that the two Cowans undoubtedly committed more crimes in the field of cryptography. The group also criticized Do Kovan’s ridiculous behavior and harsh remarks towards rivals.

The actions of the Anonymous hacker group

Anonymous is a decentralized, international hacking group known for organizing hacking attacks on government agencies, agencies, private companies, and even the Church of Scientology.

In June 2021, the anonymous YouTube channel targeted Tesla CEO Ilan Musk for “destroying users’ lives.” Anonymous hackers believe that Ilan Musk, with his fame and influence on Twitter, has used unnecessary advertisements in the field of cryptocurrencies. About 3.4 million users watched the video as of Monday.

Currently, several YouTube channels claim to be affiliated with the hacker group Anonymous. Anonymous members have not yet created an official YouTube channel due to the decentralized nature of the group.

Evidence suggests that most people support the hacker group’s commitment to exposing Do Kovan’s actions. One user likened the Anonymous group to Robin Hood. Some users are also pessimistic about Anonymous’s statements. For example, subscribers of r / cryptoCurrency see the actions of the anonymous hacker group as a hollow threat against Kwon. According to these users, Anonymous has not published any useful information about the activities of Do Kovan.

Anonymous threats do not seem to be the only current concern of the two Cowans. South Korean authorities are investigating the Terraform Labs case. De Cowan is one of the founders of Terraform Labs.

In May, a financial crime investigation unit called Grim Reapers of Yeouido was selected by South Korea to investigate the collapse of Terra. The GROY team consists of lawmakers who oversee fraudulent activities and illegal business plans. Later that month, Korean authorities summoned all Terraform Labs staff to investigate the case. The company was also fined $ 78 million for tax evasion.

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