Growth in the number of Twitter users Thanks to Elon Musk’s entry into this group and the extensive changes he made in the foundation of Twitter, it shows the strong management of this multibillionaire.

Growth in the number of Twitter users At the same time, a prominent figure like Elon Musk came to power as the owner of this social network It is evident in the Twitter office. Elon Musk has made massive changes since his first day at the Twitter office. It is interesting to know that, since Elon Musk entered this collection, the number of its users has increased by 20%. Of course, contradictory statistics have been raised in this case as well.

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The growth of the number of Twitter users from the novel ownership of Elon Musk

The Verge has obtained documents that claim growth in the number of Twitter users in the first week of his leadership social network By Elon Musk, has reached “the highest limit”. Since the deal between Twitter and Elon Musk, the number of daily revenue users (mDAU) has grown by more than 20%, while “Twitter’s largest market, the United States, is growing faster.”

Growth in the number of Twitter users

Verge says the data on Growth in the number of Twitter users, said a document sent to Twitter’s sales team. Apparently twitter Tell the sales team from this data to negotiate with advertising companies use. In a part of the document, it is claimed that the number of daily active users of Twitter has increased by 15 million since the end of the second quarter of 2022, so that the total number of these users exceeds 250 million. Twitter stopped publishing financial reports at the end of the second quarter.

If the figures reported by The Verge are accurate, Twitter will be in the hands after the takeover Elon Musk, has not faced mass migration of its users to other platforms. Elon Musk tweeted that since announcing his intention to acquire Twitter, “the number of users around the world has experienced significant growth.”

twitter In the second quarter of this year, it said it has 237.8 million daily active users and the annual growth rate of its users reaches 16.6%.

Although users remain on Twitter, advertising companies seem to be less interested in working with Twitter due to concerns about its future. social network have. Elon Musk said last Friday:

Social activists have put pressure on advertising companies, and as a result of this, Twitter’s income has dropped significantly.

Growth in the number of Twitter users

A few days after the contract between Musk and Twitter was closed, in some reports it was announced that racism and hate speech were spread in social network Text-oriented has increased. According to Twitter’s internal document, there has been no significant change in the amount of hate speech, with “0.25 percent to 0.45 percent of the hundreds of millions of tweets that are posted daily falling into this category.”

Elon Musk As soon as the deal was signed, he fired Twitter’s top executives, including the senior director of advertising, and this has led to advertising companies get confused Advertising companies are concerned about content moderation policies, saying that if the strictures are relaxed, hate speech may increase and brands may not want to be on such a platform.

Part of the document sent to The Verge points out how quickly Twitter is changing. Apparently a new version of the subscription service Twitter Blue that received blue tick makes it conditional on payment, “currently not affecting accounts that have already received a blue tick,” and big brands with verified accounts receive an “Official” label. This is despite the fact that it was previously said that verified accounts have up to 90 days to get the new service, otherwise they will lose the blue tick.

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