According to information published by a known source, Galaxy S23 Ultra telephoto camera Unlike other lenses of this phone, it is a good improvement compared to the previous generation.

It is almost certain that Zoom Galaxy S23 Ultra It’s the same as the previous model – with 3x zoom and 10x periscope. As a result, it is expected that the image quality of these two phones will be similar, but according to what one of the well-known whistleblowers of the technology world has announced, the camera Telephoto Galaxy S23 Ultra Takes much better pictures.

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Galaxy S23 Ultra telephoto camera changes

Referring to the improvement of colors and the progress of some artificial intelligence algorithms, this analyst believes that Samsung has made progress in terms of image quality. Previously, he made similar claims about 200 megapixel wide camera Galaxy S23 had raised.

Galaxy S23 Ultra telephoto camera

Information reading speed and sensor size play an important role in image quality, but the most important developments in recent years have been related to computational photography.

Apart from 200 megapixel main cameraThe specifications of the ultra-wide, 3x and 10x zoom cameras of the Galaxy S23 Ultra are similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the hardware of this phone is very similar to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

All in all, this formula could be a winner as it offers users a variety of zoom levels and covers wide and ultra-wide images with autofocus-equipped sensors.

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