The latest rumors indicate that Samsung is ready to release the Galaxy A23 5G. Recently, however, this phone has been seen in the Gigobench database.

The first information about the Galaxy A23 Fuji was released a while ago, and now the look of this phone in Gigobench has revealed some of its key technical specifications. However, according to the model number of the device, which was SM-A236U, this version, which was tested by Gigobench, seems to be the US market model.

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View Galaxy A23 5G in Gig Bench

According to the leaked information, جدید Samsung’s new phone in the A series has the Snapdragon 695 chipset, which is the more powerful version of the Snapdragon 690 and supports 5G.

Improved Kryo 660 cores and Adreno 619 GPU resulted in a 15% CPU and 30% GPU performance improvement.

The results released by GIGBonch also indicate the existence of 4 GB of RAM and Android 12 operating system with a proprietary user interface of Samsung version 4. The 4G version of this phone, which was introduced last year, of course, also had 6 and 8 GB of RAM, so it is not far-fetched to expect the release of similar versions for the 5G model.

Although according to the leaked renderings of the Galaxy A23 5G, there is no significant difference with the 4G version, but some information indicates a 6.55-inch screen, which is slightly smaller than the 6.6-inch size of the 4G model.

Other specifications of the 4G version that we may see in the 5G model include a quad-camera including 50, 5, 2 and 2 megapixel sensors, an 8-megapixel selfie camera and a 5000 mAh battery. It also supports 25-watt fast charge. Of course, there are rumors that the 5-megapixel ultraviolet camera will be upgraded to 8-megapixel.

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