As the third season of the successful series The Boys is not over yet, news has recently been released about the start of filming for the fourth season of The Boys.

The Boys is one of those series that has been very successful contrary to expectations and has now attracted a lot of fans. Now that fans are still watching the third season of the series and there are still two episodes of the third season left, some news indicate that the filming of the fourth season of The Boys has begun.

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Chapter Four The Boys

The news of the start of filming for the fourth season of The Boys series has been announced by Carl Urban, played by Billy Butcher. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Collider website about The Sea Beast animation, he went to the popular Amazon series these days and said:

Yes, I think we will start filming the fourth season on August 22nd. So I’ll be back with Billy Butcher again. Playing with this group is a lot of fun. We work hard, we play hard and I can’t wait to see what the fate of these characters will be after the third season.

The fourth season of The Boys will be on camera soon

Although fans are naturally eager to know the story of the fourth season of the boys series, ن Urban says that even he has not seen the script yet and adds:

We are about 2 months away from filming and I have no idea now. But next week Eric Kripke [نویسنده سریال] I will see and ask him about his ideas for the fourth season. I’d rather give them a chance to write a screenplay calmly, but rest assured, they always come up with crazy things, so the new season will be exciting.

In the third season of the boys’ series, in addition to Carl Urban, we will probably see actors such as Jack Quaid, Anthony Starr, Tomer Capone, Dominic McEligot, Erin Moriarty and Jesse Asher, and we are expected to see the same actors in the fourth season.

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