Traces of the garbage mafia in the mass of methane gas Tehran is evident. This large gas cloud, observed by NASA, has created a great controversy for some time.

The footprints of the garbage mafia in Tehran’s methane gas pile It is evident in the accumulation of urban waste. The south of Tehran is full of garbage, according to the secretary of public networks the environment The country has accumulated more wealth in this place. In this regard, the manager of Aradkoh complex has announced the production of electricity from methane gas by the municipality.

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The footprints of the garbage mafia in Tehran’s methane gas pile

Mohammad Al-Mouti, the secretary of the country’s environmental organization’s networks, in response to NASA’s report about the 5-kilometer mass methane gas In the south of Tehran, he said:

One of the most strange issues about this report is the denial of Tehran Municipality. The municipality has said that if such a phenomenon was supposed to exist, why was this issue not discussed before? While the answer to this question is very simple. It has been announced all over the world that the new spectrometer system that was launched and used in the last one to two months has started working and is related to 2022. Naturally, this feature did not even exist last year, let alone the years before that. Therefore, this new tool, system and technology focusing on finding hot spots of methane has been able to present such a discovery to the world.

He added: “Unfortunately, what was always said in these years without this spectrometer and such a possibility, now the context and scientific reference has also found.”

Secretary of non-governmental networks Environment and natural resources of the country About the reaction of the municipalities, Khazar pointed out:

Denying this issue is not an expert or technical issue. Instead of directly denying the occurrence of this phenomenon, it is better to comment cautiously until we check and see more recent documents.

He added: “Part of the information in the report NASA It belongs exclusively to this general administration, but if possible, with scientific relations and through Internal scientific references Or a region requested this information to be available to us. We will get better results by checking more details. “NASA only makes a small part available to the public for study.”

Al-Muti noted that the principle of the case cannot be denied, perhaps its confirmation will have more weight now. Al-Muti while announcing the news The footprints of the garbage mafia in Tehran’s methane gas pile Referring to the amount of waste depots in Iran, especially Tehran, he said:

Due to the way we Iranians live, this amount of garbage depots, whose percentage is very high, definitely produces methane gas.

He said about the Aradkoh complex in the south of Tehran: “This site has been working for 60 to 70 years and does not have the technology to collect and burn this gas. For this reason, this gas certainly shows itself in the form of a column of methane cloud with a diameter of 5 km. In other words, this observed column completely proves the previous claims of experts in this field.”

This waste specialist added:

In addition, the Environmental Protection Organization has practically accepted this issue. For us, the waste management office of the Environmental Protection Organization, as a specialized authority in this field, naturally confirms this issue, while the municipalities do not accept this issue.

The footprints of the garbage mafia in Tehran's methane gas pile

It should be mentioned that Hossein Heydarian, the manager of the complex Waste processing and recycling In an interview on November 9, Aradkoh told Rokna that the report of a giant cloud of methane gas over the sky of southern Tehran does not pose a danger to citizens. Electricity generation from methane gas It is on the agenda of the municipality.

Hossein Heydarian, manager of Arad Koh complex and vice president of processing and disposal Waste Management Organization of Tehran Municipality In that conversation, pointing out that it was written in the NASA report that such a cloud was formed in the south of Tehran and it is not clear that this cloud is exactly above Aradkoh, he said: “In the south of Tehran, the production centers Greenhouse Gases There are many, including ranches and areas where sewage is left to become swamps. However, the main source of methane gas production is organic waste, which, if buried and placed in anaerobic conditions, produces methane gas. However, in Aradkoh, organic materials are converted into compost during the aerobic process; This means that instead of methane, carbon turns into carbon dioxide; Therefore, the main management in Aradkoh has been done in order to prevent the production of methane gas.

He further added:

In the next step, the waste is covered with compost. Compost is a methane oxidizer, and if methane is emitted from waste, it turns it into CO2. These days we don’t have absolute burial anymore like in the early eighties; Therefore, burial has also decreased. However, all over the world, above landfills, methane concentrations are higher than in the surrounding environment. In the NASA report, it shows something like 15 hundred percent or 1500ppm of methane in the highest conditions.

The footprints of the garbage mafia in Tehran’s methane gas pile have caused a lot of controversy. Hossein Heydarian, emphasizing that NASA’s report needs to be investigated and defined two reasons for it, said: “NASA, to diagnose methane gashas chosen the spectroscopic method for measurement Mineral pollutants is used Now, how similar the structure of methane is to mineral pollutants such as dust can have an impact on this report. Second, these days in Tehran we have strong wind and a lot of horizontal and vertical air currents; Therefore, the methane will disperse and it is a bit far-fetched to form a dense cloud over 5 kilometers, which needs further investigation to confirm or deny it.”

The footprints of the garbage mafia in Tehran's methane gas pile

The manager of Aradkoh complex said:

On the other hand, in order to reduce the production of pollutants, Tehran Municipality is persistent to generate electricity from landfills by extracting methane gas. It means to produce electricity by producing methane gas, burning it and then converting it to CO2.

Heydarian replied that this cloud methane gashow much can for Citizens of Tehran dangerous, he said: “Methane is a polluting gas and preventing its creation is the task that most countries in the world have to do after the Paris conference in order to reduce emissions. Greenhouse Gases They have accepted it. This gas Climate change It is effective and has only greenhouse effects. “Its concentration is not so much that it can affect Tehran and it is only at the level of Aradkoh.”

In the end, he answered that the projects MRF which are going to be created in eight areas of Tehran, how much can it help in reducing the production of this gas, he said:

The targeting of MRFs is to reduce the amount of waste entering Aradkoh to below 10%. In addition to these projects, we will have waste processing and finalization such as anaerobic digesters, waste incinerators, RBS production and fuel production from polymer waste at the source.

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