A company active in the field of crypto has recently released the first set of Quranic NFTs. The discussed Quranic texts are the oldest in the history of Islam and belong to the first century of Hijri.

The world is in a full-fledged digital revolution, and the way we think about artistic values ​​is changing as a result of this digital revolution. The use of non-fungible tokens or NFTs is very popular these days, but their use to represent and transmit religious values ​​and principles is unprecedented.

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The first collection of Quranic NFT

The CEO and founder of MetaDee has launched a new NFT market where the first set of Quranic NFTs; It belongs to a text published in the first century of Hijri. The unique manuscripts used in this project were compiled by scholars between 632 and 110 AD and are currently kept in the library of the Prophet’s Mosque in Saudi Arabia. The age of these texts has been confirmed after thorough investigation by Oxford University’s Archaeological and Art History Research Laboratory.

The first Quranic NFT collection was unveiled;  A text belonging to the first century of Hijri!

According to Shukla, in the realm of NFTs, a digital art token is equivalent to a real work of art. While explaining the role of NFTs in Islamic societies, he said:

For example, scriptures from ancient times are often heard but rarely appreciated. Today, technology provides access to novel treasures.

On the halal and haram of NFT tokens, Shukla says that Islam is one of its characteristics known for its flexibility with changing conditions and adaptability to global demands. He claims that NFTs may be a high-tech financial solution to counter inflation. On the other hand, Muslims should keep in mind that an NFT must adhere to the principles of halal.

According to Shukla, the digitization of Islamic sacred art provides the conditions for Islamic art to be easily accessible to the Muslim public. He adds that this will greatly help the spread of the deep message of Islamic scholars, poets and the deep and magical teachings of the Prophet of Islam!

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