According to the rumors that can be seen these days in virtual networks such as Twitter, it is likely that the first OnePlus tablet will be released in 2023.

According to rumors published by reliable sources, apparently OnePlus is looking to join the Android tablet market. Suggested company name for this product OnePlus Pad and according to a report by Max Jambor on Twitter, this tablet will most likely be unveiled next year.

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The first OnePlus tablet

The entry of OnePlus into the field of tablet production was predictable. Because this company, by strengthening its position in the field of technology and offering multiple devices at reasonable and different prices, can now take the next step and launch different products such as tablets or smart watches and wireless headphones.

The first OnePlus tablet
The first OnePlus tablet

Now the most important and biggest question that arises is whether this OnePlus Pad tablet It will be a brand new device with unique specifications or a rebranded tablet from Oppo. In fact, it is not far-fetched that the Oppo Pad tablet again Snapdragon 870 processor And 8360 mAh battery to see with a new name, but we still hope that OnePlus will produce a completely new product to enter the field of Android tablets.

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