Ryan Gosling will play one of the most famous puppets in the world alongside Margo Robbie in the movie Barbie. Gosling will play Kane.

For some time now, everyone has been following the news of making a movie about the most famous doll in the world. Barbie movie is one of the most anticipated movies that makes a lot of pressure factors. Because many movies and animations have been made about this doll in the past; But none has been as star-studded and expensive as Greta Garving’s version. Warner Bros. seems confident of the film’s success.

Mr. Ticket

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Pictures of Ryan Gosling in the movie Barbie

The protagonist is Margot Robbie. Someone sitting behind the wheel of a Cadillac with a blinding smile and an interest in pink in the first published photos of the film, smiling at us. Barbie is currently filming in London. The cast includes many well-known names; From America Ferrara to Simo Liu. From Kate McKinnon (from Saturday Night Live) to Emma McKinney (Nile Murder and Sex Education), Michael Serto, Dr. Ho, Inkotti Gattwa.

Before we take a look at Ryan Gosling’s photos in the role of Ken, I warn you to watch your eyes; Because electricity may blind your gosling beauty. The thing that is difficult for you to recognize in the photos is him; You know Ryan Gosling. In the first image as Ken, gosling blonde, tanned, shapely and in the underwear of the boyfriend of the most famous doll in the world; That is, Barbie appears.

In these photos, Ryan Gosling really looks like a plastic doll. What a compliment or an insult, we have to wait to see the movie to find out. Because the details of Barbie’s film are still completely confidential, we have no idea about Gosling as Ken at the moment. We know that Greta Gerwig, after the success of Little Women (2019), wrote the film Barbie with her partner and work Noah Bambach. However, Bambach is also one of the directors with a special attitude towards family and marriage. So it is not unreasonable to expect that Barbie’s film has a bit of the spirit of Bambach’s works. Watch Ryan Gosling in Barbie below:

Ryan Gosling in the movie Barbie

Ryan Gosling in the movie Barbie

Ryan Gosling in the movie Barbie

Ryan Gosling in the movie Barbie

While the other actors in the film do not say anything about the film, Simo Liu did not seem to be able to contain his tongue out of excitement. The Chinese-Canadian actor, the best-selling actor in Marvel Shang Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings, described Barbie’s film as extremely unique and said in an interview with GQ-UK:

“I wish I could show what we do every day, because it ‘s crazy.”

He also explained that this is not a musical film; But it includes a lot of dance scenes. Finally, we know that this actor will play the role of one of the few puppet makers in the film. Liu had to wax his whole body for the role, which he called one of the most painful experiences of his life. Barbie will be released in cinemas around the world on July 21, 2023.

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