Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano network, officially on his YouTube vlog Exact date of Vasil Cardano hard fork announced This upgrade will take place on September 22.

The latest update of the Cardano blockchain Includes extensive improvements to the Plutus programming language. It is likely that the network costs will decrease significantly after the unveiling of Vasil Cardano’s hard fork.

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Exact date of Vasil Cardano hard fork

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano blockchain, on his YouTube vlog on Friday. Exact time of Vasil Cardano hard fork announced According to Hoskinson, the 5th update of the Cardano network will take place on September 22.

The exact date of Vasil Cardano's hard fork was revealed

Vasil Cardano’s hard fork was originally planned for June this year; But the release date of this update changed twice. According to the research and development company Input Output Hong Kong, three critical indicators have been updated. Input Output is one of the companies that is directly responsible for the development of Vasil’s hard fork. In line with the progress of Vasil’s update, Input Output Company added:

Three critical indicators have been updated. 75% of the main blocks were made by the main candidate Nod Vasil (1.35.3). About 25 cryptocurrency exchanges are ready for the new update and also the top 10 TVL DApps have been upgraded to version 1.35.3 before the official launch.

Benefits of updating Vasil Cardano

According to IOHK, top 12 digital currency exchanges such as MEXC and Bitrue are ready Vasil Cardano’s update are. Binance is almost ready and Upbit, BKEX, WhiteBit, Coinbase and HitBTC exchanges are progressing.

The developers promised that with Vasil Cardano hard fork updateThe transaction cost of this network will decrease significantly and its scalability will increase. Vasil Cardano is the first major upgrade to Plutus Script, the programming language used in the Cardano blockchain smart contracts.

Plutus was introduced as Alonzo in the previous upgrade. Alonzo’s update took place last September. Hoskinson said in his YouTube vlog:

If we all do our jobs right, September 22nd will be a different day for us. We started this project knowing that over time we will pursue the same goals as Ethereum. There are many things waiting for us.

The new Cardano network update is named after Vasil Dabov, a Bulgarian member of the Cardano community. Vasil Dabov died in 2021. Cardano traded at $0.454 on Friday. The price of this cryptocurrency has increased by 0.98% compared to last week.

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