The European Union wants in the direction Increasing the quality of making smartphones to make mobile devices more durable and easier to repair.

In a new proposal, the European Commission is trying to force major manufacturers to make smartphones and tablets. More durable and repairable slow The proposal aims to limit e-waste, and the commission says it would reduce the carbon waste equivalent of 5 million cars on the road if passed.

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Increasing the quality of making smartphones

This draft is more on Batteries and replacement parts It focuses on the fact that manufacturers will be forced to produce at least 15 essential parts for each device for five years after its launch. These parts include batteries, displays, chargers, back covers, memory card/SIM card slots.

The European Union's effort to increase the quality of smartphone manufacturing

In addition, the proposed rule would require manufacturers to Quality of batteries In such a way that after 1000 charging cycles, they retain 80% of the battery capacity or the batteries last for five years. Software updates shouldn’t negatively affect battery life either.

The ECOS coalition says that while the draft seems reasonable and encouraging, it needs to go further. The organization also suggests that consumers should be able to repair their devices without the help of experienced software professionals.

Of course, this story will definitely face challenges, because on the other hand, it may harm a group such as mobile phone and electrical appliance repairmen.

If all goes according to plan, the commission will introduce new labels similar to those used on televisions, washing machines and other home electronics. These labels show how durable the device is; For example, the protection against water and dust, its resistance to falling and of course the battery life during the lifetime of the device.

Now, it should be seen how much this draft will take on the color of reality; Because as we mentioned earlier, this plan is definitely from Smart device manufacturing companies It will not go unanswered and we have to wait for the reactions from these companies.

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