Ebay, the world’s online retail giant, has officially announced its intention to enter the world of NFT and Metawares by requesting the registration of two new brands.

Mr. Ticket

The purpose of the Ebay brand is to provide NFT services. “EBay is coming to Metavars,” Mike Kondoudis, a USPTO patent attorney, wrote in a recent tweet.

Mike went on to explain that the file shows Ebay’s plans for the virtual goods market, online retail stores with real and virtual goods, non-specific tokens, non-specific tokens exchange and non-specific tokens (NFT) transactions. The serial number of this program is 97473696 and 97473620, respectively.

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Online retail giant in the world of NFT and Metawares

The day before the Ebay trademark application was announced, the company bought Knownorigin’s unique tokens market. According to Ebay, the parties to the deal signed their contract on June 21. Ebie CEO Jamie Lannone said:

EBay is the first station for people around the world who want to add rare, unique and special items to their collection. With the acquisition of Knownorigin, we will continue to be a leader. Ebay is increasingly adding digital collections.

The entry of the online retail giant into the world of Metawares and NFT

The Metavers platform made it possible to sell NFT in late May last year. This month, McKinsey and eBay claimed that Metavers would be able to generate $ 5 trillion in profits by 2030. Ebay added:

By 2030, it is likely that 50% of live events will be held in Metavars.

In a poll of users in April, 70 percent of respondents believed that Metavers would be the most popular place for crypto. They believe that advances in digital currency technology and the Chinese blockchain will be crucial to shaping the future of Metavars.

CitiGroup predicts that Metawares will have about 5 billion users by 2030. This creates a $ 13 trillion opportunity. Contrary to Citigroup’s claims, Goldman Sachs sees the Metavers as a $ 8 trillion opportunity.

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