The import of foreign cars is one of the problems of the Iranian market Entry of foreign cars into the country has promised to start the order registration.

For many years, the entry of customs vehicles into the country has been facing major problems, and importers are no longer willing to buy and sell foreign vehicles.

No entry of foreign vehicles It has caused a lot of damage to the main body of the Iranian car market. The sale and supply of low-quality Iranian cars is one of the problems that have arisen following this decision of the parliament members.

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Entry of foreign cars into the country

With the inauguration of the 13th government, the people were promised to reopen the borders to foreign luxury cars, now after a year, the parliament has decided to amend this regulation.

With the import of foreign cars, the real demand for foreign cars and Iranian car production decreases. Omid Qalibaf, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade, said regarding the entry of foreign cars into the country and the amendment of the regulations:

The problems raised by the parliament regarding the regulation of car imports have been resolved in the government. The amended final text of the regulations has also been approved by the government.

In this regard, a working group of relevant experts was formed on the records of the import issue, the current market situation, the status of importers and the export plan. In the Ministry of Security, with the help of various departments of the Ministry, import regulations were prepared, and the car import program is being followed seriously in the Ministry of Security.

According to the regulations and instructions, any company that has the desired terms and conditions can import cars.

With the amendment of this regulation for the import of foreign cars, we will soon witness the registration of purchase orders car And the entry of these cars will be from the borders of our country.

Entry of foreign cars into the country
Entry of foreign cars into the country

The existing regulation had flaws and was referred to the legal deputy of the ministry of silence for review and the amendment of this regulation was sent to the government board, which was approved by the board of ministers of the 13th government.

If this amendment is approved by the Council of Ministers, the process of registering the order of importing companies for entry will begin Foreign cars We will be in the country.

Despite the amendment that was made, this regulation still has problems and ambiguities. According to the regulations Car import In terms of type and number, two Hyundai car models, two Mitsubishi car models, two Renault product models and one Datsun or Suzuki product that are below 20 thousand Euros will be able to be imported into Iran’s borders.

The creation of some conditions in this regulation has made these importing companies reluctant to place orders 20 thousand euro cars Do not have.

Notes on the entry of foreign cars into the country

Importing foreign cars to the country It will be implemented with some notes. We will introduce these notes in the following:

  • It is forbidden to unload the car without registering the order and allocating currency. This issue is done in order not to personalize the import of cars, so as not to cause the outflow of foreign currency from the country and not to disturb the balance of the car market.
  • The customs value of the car will be calculated based on Article 14 of the Law on Customs Affairs.
Entry of foreign cars into the country
Car import
  • The Ministry of Security only allows cars to enter the country whose value Under twenty thousand euros and the priority is to import cars with equivalent value 10 thousand euros have.
  • Imported cars only in Exchange are offered The commercial profit rate of imported cars is provided in such a way that the difference between the base price and the final price in the commodity exchange is equivalent to a fair profit.
  • The foreign exchange resources needed for this approval letter will be provided from foreign currency obtained from exports, asset code, foreign investment and other sources approved by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Also, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iran, compiles and communicates the executive instructions of this approval letter, including how to supply and allocate currency, technical specifications, after-sales services, technology transfer, and determining the technical and professional qualifications of importers.

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