According to the progress of electric vehicles over the past years, the entry of electric cars into the US Army was not far from expected, and now electric Hummers are available to this army.

The use of today’s technologies in the army and military forces is always on the agenda of the United States, and it can be said with certainty that it is one of the important reasons for the significant advancement of technology and the superiority of this country’s military technology compared to other countries.

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These days, electric cars have found their place in people’s lives and are of great importance due to saving fuel. Considering this issue, it is possible that the US Army has submitted a request to General Motors and Kano companies to analyze and review an electric car inspired by the Hummer car. In addition, it should be said that apparently the army of this country plans to buy the Kano EV company in order to implement its future plans.

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Details about the entry of electric vehicles into the US Army

American army electric vehicle

First of all, we must point out that the use of new technologies by the US military is a completely calculated task and has nothing to do with luxury; Because at present, the first official steps for the entry of electric vehicles into the US Army and the Ministry of Defense of this country are going through.

General Motors is not the only company responsible for analyzing and reviewing a new electric vehicle for use in operational areas. In addition to this company, Kano Company has duties in this matter.

Not long ago, Kano was an unknown company producing electric vehicles that was inspired by the cars in anime to design the appearance of its vehicles; But during the recent events, the situation changed a lot for Kano.

Just because Walmart announced the purchase of 4,500 Canoo Life Style vehicles, the company’s stock experienced a 53% growth. Now, with the request of the army to help the introduction of electric vehicles to the US army, the shares of this company will increase even more.

Also, it should be noted that NASA uses this company’s vehicles to transport astronauts to the Artemis launch site for long-duration missions to the moon.

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