This year we will witness the first time of holding the two-stage exam. But the question is whether the major changes in the national exam benefit the students?

According to the major changes made in the national entrance exam, this exam will be conducted once in January and again in July this year. In this two-stage exam, other major changes have been made, and it is not yet clear what the effects will be on the students and their academic future. In this conversation, Dr. Hossein Ibaadi, the deputy minister in the student organization, talks about the major problems facing the students.

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Is the two-stage exam a way to reduce or increase anxiety?

Due to the two-stage national entrance exam, many entrance exam students are worried about how these entrance exams will be. The deputy official of the country’s student organization expressed his opinion about the two-stage entrance exam as follows:

Regarding the two-stage entrance exam, the reasons for it should be examined first. Wasn’t it supposed to reduce the stress and anxiety of the students by making changes in this test so that their eyes are no longer a mere test? Wasn’t it supposed to remove the hands of profit-seeking institutions from the process of short education and establish educational justice and… None of these problems will be solved with dual solutions, and by the way, the issues will become more complicated and complicated. Logically, these changes are not a good solution at all.

Two-stage exam

Removing the public notebook is a way to reduce virtue!

Dr. Ibaadi said about the goals of removing the general notebook and the direct effect of the GPA of general courses on the entrance exam rank:

Some say that with the two-stage entrance exam and the removal of the general notebook, candidates will graduate from these courses and go to specialized courses. In pre-university education, it is meaningless to divide courses into specialized and general. All courses are courses that are necessary for a person, and by removing the general notebook, we are actually validating one-dimensional training.

He added: “By doing this, we have given prosperity to profit-seeking institutions and violated our intention.” So I don’t really know what the changes are good for. By the way, due to many reasons, it can lead to increased stress and anxiety. Perhaps the argument of the designers is that with the two-stage exam, candidates can take the exam again in a shorter period of time if they fail. But because the work philosophy is the same and it has also doubled, my impression is that it increases stress and anxiety and the negative impact of these changes on the volunteers.”

The deputy official of the country’s student organization continued:

I do not agree with this model of notebook removal. Because by doing this, we despise a series of lessons. Lessons that are very important to teach. In my opinion, it is very important that future students and today’s volunteers have a relationship with poetry and literature, have a good understanding of foreign languages, have the ability to speak and write, and be familiar with their own religious teachings and religious topics. By the way, these are important topics, and with these changes, apparently, in the eyes of the designers, there is an attitude that they consider general subjects to be less important and give their importance to other subjects.

In response to the question about the impact of these changes and whether the entrance exam will become more difficult, Hossein Ibaadi said: “Overall, I do not consider these changes to be good changes, and in my opinion, these changes are in no way in line with the promises made regarding reducing stress and anxiety.” And cutting the hand of profit-seeking institutions is not from entrance exam and deep education, and by the way, it is interpreted in conflict with them.

The national entrance exam is one of the biggest obstacles that has caused many problems to candidates for years. It seems that this type of assessment of the ability to be admitted to the university is not fair due to the different quality of education. It should be seen what effect the new changes will have on eliminating these problems!

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