According to Life Web data analysis system, the most The effect of filtering on Instagram stores Although it has dealt a fatal blow to businesses, it has not destroyed them.

Almost two months since Beginning of severe filtering and internet disruptions It is widespread. These disruptions and filtering started on 30 Shahrivar and after the tragic death of Mehsa Amini, a citizen of Saqzai, while traveling to Tehran, and continues until now. It seems the most The effect of filtering on Instagram stores because according to the statistics, their income has decreased significantly and they have faced many problems.

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What was the effect of filtering on Instagram stores?

Filtering and its consequences have always been examined by experts and sometimes warnings have been given by experts in this field. The Life Web data analysis system is also scrutinized Instagram pages In a month and a half before and after filtering, they have achieved significant results.

in this report 390 thousand Instagram stores was investigated. Instagram stores are the pages that receive money by selling products and sending them to customers. In this review, the content of these pages was compared between 15 and 30 September with 31 and 15 November.

In this research it was found that The number of Instagram stores Before filtering, it was 390,000, which after filtering has been reduced to 106,000 accounts, equivalent to 73%.

Also, in this survey, it was found that after applying filtering, the content production of these pages decreased by 69% and they received fewer comments and likes than before. If we want to calculate the percentage of this decrease, the number of likes has dropped by 72% and the number of comments by 87%.

It is noteworthy that the only reason for this decrease in activity Filtering It is not and there are other reasons. The Life Web data analysis system has published a chart based on the publication of business posts of Instagram stores, in which it can be clearly seen Reducing the amount of business activity who saw riding on this platform.

Also, in this graph, the slow but growing process of producing the content of these pages can also be seen. Based on this analysis, it seems that filtering may have dealt a hard blow to Instagram businesses, but it hasn’t killed them yet! Or maybe, according to this analysis, it is still time to make a final conclusion about the impact Filtering on Instagram stores It has not arrived!

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