Discovering Shirin Samadi’s veil The radio presenter caused controversy. Shirin Samadi, a presenter with a history of radio and television, was seen without a hijab in the streets of Tehran. Continue with duplicate be with

Shirin Samadi is a social science graduate who started as a child actor and was a director in the field of documentaries for a while, and now he is banned from working.

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Discovering the hijab of Shirin Samadi, a radio presenter

Shirin Samadi, the host, officially revealed hijab in the street, she publicly discovered hijab by publishing a video while walking in one of Tehran’s khobabans, without hijab, a controversial cover on 2nd of Aban this year (1401). Shirin Samadi previously published a photo of herself without a hijab on her Instagram page on July 23, 1400, but until now she had not published a photo without a hijab, headscarf, and shawl outside the house and on the street. Ex-Alani publicly discovered hijab.

Discovering Shirin Samadi's veil
Discovering the hijab of Shirin Samadi, a radio presenter

The published video of the discovery of Shirin Samadi’s public hijab in the streets of Tehran has been widely reflected in the virtual space and has been met with different reactions from users. Also, some users say that celebrities use the opportunities to solve their long-standing problems.

it is necessary to mention The news that Shirin Samadi was banned from working in 2016 was announced which is said to be due to playing in a theater and publishing its photos and teasers on social networks. According to her, she didn’t wear an inappropriate hijab in that teaser and poster, but they criticized her as to why she posted a picture of herself at all and why she worked in the theater at all.

Now, in the following video, you will see the discovery of the hijab of former TV host Shirin Samadi in the streets of Tehran:

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