The details of the 200 million rural housing loan were announced by the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation. To know the interest amount of this loan and how to repay it, stay with us.

200 million loan details for rural housing from language Head of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation announced. According to the announcement of this government institution, cities with a maximum population of 250,000 people will also get a loan of 200 million for housing construction. According to this organization, the interest amount of this loan is 5% with a 20-year repayment period.

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200 million loan details for rural housing

Akbar Nikzad, while visiting the rural areas of Khoshab city, noted:

Providing housing facilities of 200 million tomans with 5% interest and 20-year repayment with chain guarantee.

He announced that 300,000 housing units are being built in cities with less than 25,000 people and villages in the country and added: “The project implementation process National housing movement It’s going well.”

200 million loan details for rural housing
200 million loan details for rural housing

Nikzad clarified:

In order to speed up the implementation of Khorasan Razavi’s rural leader projects, one thousand billion rials have been allocated from the disenfranchisement funds available to the Provincial Planning Council.

He also said: “8 percent of the provincial and national credits are available to speed up rural leader projects. Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation It is included along with the bitumen quota.

The start of operational operations of the 24-hour clinic in the city of Nodeh Englebal Khoshab was part of the plans of the head of the Islamic Englebal Housing Foundation in this city.

Criticism of the member of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Council on banks

“Mir Ghani Nazari” Member of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Council He reminded of the need to amend the Act on the Bank and added:

Banks, with their arbitrary behavior, prevented the realization of the government’s economic goals and employment. So that after eight months of the year, one Riyal of the 200 million Tomans facility for rural housing has not been paid.

In another part of his speech, Mir Ghani Nazari noted: “One thousand and 200 villages are waiting to receive this facility in Khalkhal and Kausar counties. While the banks are the main obstacle in the payment of these facilities and delay in this field is not acceptable.”

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