The definitive loss of the Internet to date 80 thousand billion tomans Is. In this article, we discuss in detail the damage of filtering and internet restrictions to Iran’s businesses and economy.

In recent days and with internet disruptions, the activities of many online businesses have been disrupted. But Definite loss of the Internet How much is?

It has been exactly 28 days that the Internet situation in Iran has faced widespread disruptions and users’ access to many applications and platforms is limited. Reports indicate that in some areas of Tehran and some cities, the internet is still interrupted hourly, and as a result, users have no connection to the online world.

But regardless of all the problems that the lack of internet has for online and normal communication, what is the duty of virtual businesses? According to statistics, about 10 million Iranians earn money directly and indirectly from Instagram, and now, due to the extensive filtering of this social network, they have faced many problems.

Recently published statistics indicate that Definite damage to the Internet In Iran in recent days, the country’s oil income is more than two years! But what is the basis of this statistic? Be with Tekrato in examining the definite loss of the Internet.

Definite loss of internet in Iran

According to the head of the Economic Innovation and Digital Transformation Commission of the Tehran Chamber; Internet restrictions 35 thousand billion tomans to the economy of information technology and 45 thousand billion tomans It has caused damage to businesses in other areas. This figure is many times more than what was previously thought.

In response to this situation, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Isa Zarepour, announced a short time ago that he would soon prepare infrastructure for virtual businesses, but this promise of the Minister of Communications was finally fulfilled. Inviting people and businesses to internal platforms It turned out that it is associated with criticism!

The definite loss of the Internet is equal to 15 thousand billion Tomans;  Something equivalent to one year of Iran's oil income!
The damage of internet disruptions to the country’s economy

Beyond this, the statements of the Minister of Communications and then the Attorney General of the country regarding the state of the Internet more than anything gave a seal of approval. Permanent Instagram and WhatsApp filtering And this means that online Instagram businesses should restrict access to this platform for now.

Is Instagram and WhatsApp filtering permanent?

From the very beginning of internet restrictions, Issa Zarepour made statements in various conversations with the media in different situations, the results of which depend more than anything else. Permanent filtering of Instagram and WhatsApp emphasized The problem with many people right now is that they don’t trust internal platforms and believe that these tools are not a safe alternative to Instagram and WhatsApp!

Another problem is that despite the desire of the authorities to implement a national internet plan, similar to China, they have never been as successful as China in this field, and instead of providing suitable internal platforms, they have shown their skills in filtering more than anything else. In fact, according to recently published statistics, Iran Filtering rank in the worldis among the first 3 countries.

Definite loss of Internet equivalent to Iran’s oil income!

An interesting point is that despite acknowledging the loss of 80 thousand billion tomans from internet disruptions, the NetBlocks website announced in its statistical reviews in the early days that for every day of internet outage, one thousand billion tomans of damage is caused to the country’s economy, and this means According to NetBlocks, at least 28 thousand billion Tomans have been lost to the country’s economy.

The definite loss of the Internet is equal to 15 thousand billion Tomans;  Something equivalent to one year of Iran's oil income!
Definite loss of the Internet

This figure is the result of the inactivity of these businesses, and if we add collateral damage such as the unemployment of a huge number of economic activists in the online space, the situation becomes worse. Before this, the country’s e-commerce association announced in a statement that with the current internet restrictions, 400 thousand internet businesses They are in the abyss of destruction.

According to the claim of the secretary of the Virtual Business Union, the income of 10 million Iranians currently depends on virtual networks, and the livelihood of these people has been jeopardized by the internet shutdown. On the other hand, Iran’s economic growth in the last decade has been zero, and this is a disaster that is not only irreparable, but with this situation, it will lead to a worse mega-disaster.

Usually, employment experts also mention the cost needed to create a job in their estimates. In this particular case, it was last year that a group of employment experts said about 300 million capital to create a job opportunity. With this account and for a better understanding of the figure Definite loss of the Internet It must be said that removing this number from the economic cycle of this country means the destruction of 250 million jobs!

It should be noted that due to the crisis caused by the Corona virus, online business has become a way of livelihood for many people in the Iranian society, without a doubt, outages and internet disruptions have disastrous consequences.

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