According to the Association of Tourism Offices, the internet outage caused the cancellation of 90% of incoming tourist tours. Definite loss of the Internet for the country’s tourism industry It continues for now.

According to the report of the Association of Tourism Offices of Tehran Province, about 80 to 90 percent cancellations have been witnessed Entry tours to the country We are Iran. Rafiei says, the tourism sector is completely dependent on the Internet and the issue Filtering And Internet speed reduction has severely made this industry vulnerable.

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Definite loss of the Internet for the country’s tourism industry

The head of the board of directors of trade association of air travel, tourism and pilgrimage offices of Tehran province, “Amir Pouyan Rafiei”, said about the bad state of the tourism industry:

Tourism is highly dependent on the Internet. The first industry that entered the field of electronics and technology is the field of tourism. In the meantime, travel and tourism service offices make the most use of this sector, and in fact, their business takes place on an electronic platform. The tourism industry is mixed with technology. Therefore, the slowness of the internet speed and the filtering of applications, on which a major part of the advertising burden and activities of tourism agents and activists were carried out, have caused a lot of damage to the tourism industry.

Definite loss of the Internet for the country's tourism industry

According to Rafii’s words, in addition Cancellation of tours , the process of uploading passenger information and other operations related to passengers that must be included in websites has encountered problems. He says:

Even information about contracts, tours and trips was sent through these applications, which has been disrupted in the current situation. In addition to domestic tours that have faced such issues, we are also facing many challenges in the discussion of foreign tours.

Rafiei pointed out that spring and autumn seasons are very touristy and announced the loss of the tourism industry due to the cancellation of autumn tours and said:

80 to 90 percent of incoming tours to Iran have been canceled. The cancellation of incoming tours, in addition to the cancellation of hotel and flight reservations, also leads to the unemployment of tourist guides.

Internet outage only to Online businesses It didn’t hurt, but the tourism industry has also been affected by the Internet and filtering. It is not clear how long this situation will last.

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