Chairman of the import assembly Definite loss of the Internet for the activists of the import field reported, he believes that using native platforms is like building a wall around yourself.

“Alireza Manaqbi”, the head of the Import Forum, while criticizing the comments of the Deputy Minister of Communications in this matter, said that “you should have thought that you would not have used Instagram from the beginning.” It has been talk and has not reached the field of action: “Do we have such an interior space where we give such slogans? Or is it just a promotional aspect to keep a table and keep a person or people?”

It’s been more than a month now Instagram and WhatsApp filter And the frequent internet outages of the past, this has caused a lot of damage to online and traditional businesses. The head of the Import Forum said in his remarks about the effects of the internet interruption on businesses and the definite loss of the internet for the activists of the import sector:

“We don’t have a business now that doesn’t deal with the Internet; Both in the domestic business sector that are in the context of social networks and in the large and macro business sector. If the world used to work with lanterns and bee lights, today it is no longer acceptable and the literature of everything has changed. One day, our children used to write on paper in school and communicate with each other, but today’s children’s education is connected to the Internet. Let’s ignore the false slogans that are given that the virtual space prevents many issues and harms people’s beliefs, if this is not the case and that everything has good and bad and should be taught.

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Definite loss of the Internet for the activists of the import field

In the continuation of his statement, he emphasized that today there is no business without relying on the internet, so with the internet outage and its filtering, Damage to all businesses it’s inevitable. According to Manaqbi, using local platforms is like building a wall around oneself and causes a disconnection with the rest of the world.

About Filtering effect of social networks on business declared: “When we faced the interruption of the channels that we used to communicate with the outside, naturally we faced significant problems. Many of our exchanges were done through platforms such as Telegram and Instagram. “Our daily communication and conversations were done through virtual space and speed instead of over the phone, but today we encountered a problem.”

Definite loss of the Internet for the activists of the import field

He further added about the effects of internet interruption and slowness or the loss of virtual communication on all systems:

“Practically, in the economy as well, we are observing the damage that has been done and how many tens of millions of people have been affected.”

According to Manaqbi, if the authorities intend to order people not to use social networks like Instagram, they should also provide an alternative infrastructure for people to transfer their business there, and this infrastructure should also work in such a way that business And things can communicate with the outside world: “It is not enough to prepare a space only for our own country, do we want to build a wall around us? We must interact with the world, and for this interaction, if we are going to have national infrastructure, we must take this point into consideration.”

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