The date of introduction of Xiaomi 13 On the 10th of Azar, it will be on the side MIUI 14 user interface will be supplied. Due to the proximity of this date, some information about this phone has been revealed.

It was previously rumored that The date of introduction of Xiaomi 13 It will be in November, but now it seems that the smartphone maker has set a specific date for the launch of its new flagship, and this date December 1 will be. also Xiaomi On this occasion MIUI 14 user interface will also introduce We expect this interface to appear on a number of Xiaomi phones in the coming days.

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The introduction date of Xiaomi 13 and its user interface

So supply Xiaomi 13 It is imminent, however, the date of its introduction has not been officially confirmed. It seems like a revelation called Kartiki Singh, has confirmed this information. He claimed on Twitter that the new flagship of this Chinese brand will be unveiled on December 1. This release date is a little later than what was initially reported by the leakers, it should be noted that they had previously predicted the release of the phone in November.

According to the past strategy of this smartphone manufacturer in this field, Xiaomi 13 Ultra It should be released a little later than other models. For now, all we know is that it should be at the beginning of the year 2023 It means that it should be available until the first quarter at most. Therefore, we have to wait a little longer to see the high-end model of the Xiaomi 13 series.

The date of introduction of Xiaomi 13

User interface availability MIUI 14 near Xiaomi 13 And Xiaomi 13 Pro Another fascinating piece of information revealed by Kartikey Singh. Due to the possible removal of user interface ads, this user interface has not yet received much attention. Therefore, the announcement of its release date will be very interesting for users of other smartphones that can receive this update.

about Xiaomi 13, a few details have leaked out recently. Of course, complete information about the Pro model of this phone was revealed in September along with its technical specifications. That prominently to the processor Snapdragon 8 generation 2 was pointing Finally, note that Xiaomi may decide to rename the series and rebrand all of its smartphones as Xiaomi 20 to change In any case, we will probably receive a definitive answer in a few days.

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