The controversial reaction of Alidosti’s song to the wave of curfews It was associated with many margins among users of social networks and media. But what is the story? Stay tuned.

Alidosti song Famous Iranian actor in Reacting to the wave of artists and celebrities being banned from going out He said that “I stand by the families of the victims”.

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Alidosti’s song reaction to the curfew wave of celebrities

Alidosti's song reaction to the curfew wave of celebrities
Alidosti’s song reaction to the curfew wave of celebrities

Alidosti’s song in his latest Instagram post and on Reaction to the curfew of celebrities and recent events in the countrysaid:

I will stay, I will stop working, I will stand by the families of the victims and I will be their advocate. I will fight for my home, I will pay whatever it takes to stand up for myself, and most importantly, I believe in what we are building together today.

Alidosti’s song in this Instagram post, a picture of the tweet Mehdi Kohian shared in which he says:The number of artists and cinematographers banned from leaving It is to the extent that it seems that they are prohibited from leaving, unless it is proven otherwise.”

Alidosti song Born 22 January 1362, is among famous Iranian actors. He is in the films of prominent directors such as Messenger of Sadr Amali, Waroj Karim Masihi And Asghar Farhadi has played

Alidousti’s song, which in recent weeks has attracted more and more attention from various media and social network users, has received various awards, including Best Actress Award from Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland And Crystal Simorgh, the best leading actress of Fajr Film Festival has received Alidosti in 1380 in his first cinematic experience for the film I am 15 years old She won the Crystal Simorgh for the best actress from the Fajr Film Festival.

What do you think about this? The controversial reaction of Alidousti’s song to the ban on artists and actors What is?

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