An information technology expert announced on his personal Twitter page that the security plan was approved at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space and will be implemented soon.

These days, it is enough to disconnect our internet connection or our access to a service for a few seconds to unconsciously remember the limitations and Protection plan let’s fall Of course, these speculations and concerns are not without reason, because at least in some recent internet disturbances or the problems of access to filter breakers, the Ministry of Communications and the officials of the security plan have accepted the responsibility for these disturbances. But has the protection plan been finally approved?

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The conservation plan was approved

An information technology expert on his Twitter Approving part or parts of the conservation plan In the Supreme Council, virtual space has been given to the presidency of the president. Meanwhile, the designer of this plan says that he is not aware of its approval. Mohammad Kishori wrote on his Twitter:

In a part of the plan known as the protection plan (based on the 9th Bahman version called the regulatory system), which included the members and powers of the Supreme Regulatory Commission and was referred to the Supreme Council of Cyberspace for approval, it was approved by this council and is to be implemented. It was announced.

He added: “In this way, the Supreme Commission for Regulation plays a role in the position of “regulator of regulators” of cyberspace with a composition of members and duties completely different from the past.”

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