many The result of filtering Google services For Android users in Iran, they consider it the end of Hoshmad phone era in Iran. Of course, in spite of extensive and definitive Internet filtering, this is not a far-fetched statement.

The thing about filtering foreign platforms and sites is that the Ministry of Communications does not take over this process and puts the ball in the Security Council’s court. But whatever Filtering all kinds of Google services and external platforms It will have only one consequence in Iran, and that is the use of Android phones.

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What will be the consequences of filtering Google services for Android users?

Not long ago, Google’s security shield, an Iranian application Rubik’s as a Spy app introduced and removed it from Google Play. Following this act of Google, the Iranian government banned and filtered Google services in the country.

What will be the consequences of filtering Google services for Android users?

We know that Android phones are connected to all Google servers. People with Android phones must be connected to Google servers even to restore their phones to factory mode; Therefore, in the face Google servers filtering Practically, your smartphone will not be smart.

government of Iran Remove Rubica from Google Play called it a political act and all Google services, including Google Map, Google Discover And Google filtered the translation; An action that, of course, backfired after a while and some Google services were unfiltered.

In the meantime, some Android phone users have reported problems after reconnecting, after flashing their phone or restoring the phone to factory settings.

But after all this, the question that arises is that The role of Android phones in Iran What is? Will Google servers be protected from filtering or not? It seems that the only solution to protect Google services from filtering is Rubica’s return to Google Market Place be

After the announcement Rubica’s spying And removing this application from Google Play, Rubica removed the warnings from Google Play and presented its new version to this market place. But still Google is silent in front of the new version.

It seems that by changing its settings, Rubica will no longer face the warning of being a spy for users, and we have to wait for Google Play’s reaction; Because the process of reviewing the new app will take a few days.

Do not flash your Android phone for now

Still on the fix Filtering and limitations of Google services There is speculation and it is not known what will be the fate of these services. However, as we said, this extensive filtering has ended to the detriment of Android users, because now they cannot connect to Google servers and organize their account.

Do not flash your Android phone for now

Experts say that the restrictions have had a negative impact on iOS and Android operating systems in the last month and a half. It goes without saying that some restrictions have been imposed by Google Play and some of them have been imposed by the Iranian government.

The problem was so serious that some notifications of the mentioned services did not reach the users and the only way to use them is to install and activate the filter breaker.

But now and in this situation Flashing the phone Avoid yourself. According to what the experts say, if you are going to install and build Google Play, you should enter with an Internet IP of a country other than Iran, because Iran’s IP is a filter. When the phone is locked and needs to be flashed, the need for the Gmail service becomes relevant, and when the Google service cannot be accessed, it means a disaster.

The only problem here is that sometimes it is not possible to use VPN to access Google services. Unfortunately, the number of people who have forgotten their phone password is very high, and some people need to flash it because their mobile phone is infected or hacked.

Having said that, it is necessary to connect to the Gmail service after flashing and fix the problem; But what if we cannot access the filtered services? Of course, the problem can be solved to a large extent, but it is necessary to pay a fee of about 400 thousand tomans, which is exorbitant for most people.

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