Is Defects in the car import regulations And failure to correct these problems ultimately leads to Complaint of Automobile Importers Association to the Ministry of Security will be? Stay with us.

Despite the modification of some clauses Car import regulationsThere are still many criticisms about this regulation. The flaws in the regulations have gone so far that even the Automobile Importers Association, seeing that its criticisms are going nowhere, has decided to Complaint against the Ministry of Silence has taken. The secretary of this association has recently raised some fundamental flaws in the regulations in a conversation with Tejarat News.

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Complaint of Automobile Importers Association to the Ministry of Security

The Association of Car Importers believes that the import plan is still facing significant problems. Criticisms of the regulations are so widespread that the Automobile Importers Association is now planning to file a complaint with the Ministry of Safety. Not long ago, Omid Qaliyaf, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Silence, said:

“The government should be responsible for the mistakes and not the ministry of silence. If the objections of the parliament and even experts in the field of automobile and trade are accepted, we will correct it.”

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Now, it seems that the Ministry of Privacy did not act according to this claim and there are still important flaws in the regulations for importing cars. Mehdi Dadfar, the head of the Automobile Importers Association, explained the reason for the complaint of this association against the ministry of silence and investigated the problems of the regulations.

At what stage is the complaint of the Automobile Importers Association against the Ministry of Security?

There are some speculations that the Importers Association has filed a complaint against the Minister of Silence regarding the issue of car imports. But in fact, no complaint has been filed against Reza Fatemi Amin, Minister of Silence. Rather, a complaint is filed against the Ministry of Privacy and the management of Fatemi Amin.

Of course, no complaint has been filed by the importers’ association to the ministry of privacy yet, and the legal departments of this association are under investigation. A text has been prepared in this regard, which will be delivered to the judicial authorities in the coming days.

Do you hope that with this complaint there will be a change in the provisions of the import regulations?

We are also aware that with this complaint, the Ministry of Silence is not going to make a change in the regulations or the method of implementing this project, and the association’s complaint is useless. But the importers’ association should have fulfilled its duty in order to improve matters and constructively criticize.

What objections does the importers’ association make to the regulation?

The main drawback of the regulations and instructions for importing cars into the country is its contradiction with the law, under the pretext of which the import of cars was released. From the beginning, it was stated that car imports are carried out with the two goals of regulating the market and responding to demand, i.e. reducing the price.

But as it is clear, neither of these two goals and promises of the Ministry of Security will be realized by importing cars. At the beginning of its work, this directive not only did not reduce the prices, but observations show that the price of the car increased since the regulation was drafted. These issues show that comprehensive regulations have not been developed.

Has the Ministry of Security ever responded to these objections?

It should be noted that the complaint has not yet been delivered to the judicial authorities. Previously, the importers’ association repeatedly listened to the ministry of silence about the defects of the car import regulations. But the ministry did not pay attention to these warnings and did not react.

It seems that this plan has no end in the end and the importing companies will not be able to import cars into the country with the conditions mentioned in the notification instructions.

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