Today, Kayhan newspaper, quoting some media, has reported the closure of three radio and television channels. The reason for this issue is the very small audience of these three networks.

Iranian Radio and Television has been facing the problem of low audience for a long time. In the situation where the main reference for following the news was social networks, the last attraction of Sedavsima, which was the broadcast of movies and series, was also lost with the presence of various home viewing platforms such as Filmo and Namava, so that Sedavsima practically has no winning card in the fight against the new conditions.

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Shutdown of three radio stations

According to new reports, the broadcasting of your two channels and Iran Kala will be stopped soon. The reason for this issue is the severe lack of audience of these two channels.

Also, it seems that the managers of Sedav Sima have also given an ultimatum to the Salamat network due to its poor condition, and as a result, this network may also be removed soon.

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