According to the traffic police, Clearance rate of impounded cars This year, it will be applied as in 2014, and it is still possible to pay the crimes in installments.

Currently, about 18,000 cars are stopped in police parking lots, and a significant number of them are worn out or lack technical inspection. However, due to the continuation of the clearance plan for sedimented cars, their owners have been requested to specify the duties of these cars as soon as possible. The clearance rate for impounded vehicles is applied as in 2014, and installment payments are still available.

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Announcement of the clearance rate of impounded cars

Owners of impounded cars subject to discharge conditions are, they can remove their vehicle from the traffic police parking lot by paying the crime installments. According to the current situation, several consultations and follow-ups have been carried out Clearance rates for impounded vehicles In the parking lot, it should be calculated based on the rate set in 1994. The conditions are such that the owners take their cars out of the parking lot with the least effort and the fastest speed.

The clearance rate of confiscated cars was announced

It has been said that wear and tear in the technical examination of The most important factors of impounding cars are. According to the traffic police, more than 35% of the vehicles in the country are worn out and scrapped, and currently at least 28 million vehicles do not have a technical inspection. The fine for these cars is 52,500 Tomans, but this amount was supposed to be increased to 200,000 Tomans.

According to the statement of the head of the traffic police, the entry of new cars into the roads and the continuation of the traffic of used cars is an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. Disabled vehicles should be scrapped rather than impounded, and the government is responsible for providing the necessary facilities for their renovation.

Now only in the capital 3 million cars without technical inspection According to the law, they should be seized and taken to the police parking lot. However, imposing a fine alone is not a solution and more effective measures are needed.

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