The latest version of the Huawei operating system will be released on July 27, and the capabilities of the Harmony 3 operating system are impressive compared to the previous version.

As the time of the release of the new operating system of Huawei is approaching, one of the officials of this company shared a video related to the new user interface and the features of the Harmony 3 operating system to the fans and audiences of this company, which informed the increase of personalization possibilities and improved security in This operating system gives

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Features of the Harmony 3 operating system

Huawei's new operating system

Mr. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s technology business group, shared a video on his Weibo account, according to which you can see the design and changes of the Harmony 3 operating system. Mr. Yu pointed out that the new version of Harmony OS will significantly improve unique features such as Universal Card and Smart Folder.

The new version of this company’s operating system is able to provide you with a better experience in arranging cards, and in addition, it will support smart folders with more sizes than before.

It should be said that the changes of the Harmony 3 operating system offer many options for personalizing the cards and changing their arrangement as desired. Also, users can combine small components of the same size with each other, which will increase the quality of work in personalization.

Thanks to Huawei’s new operating system, users can adjust the size of desktop folders as they wish. Considering these things, we can be sure that the changes in the Harmony 3 operating system will lead to improvements in the personalization of the layout, security and operation of the device.

As we mentioned, Huawei will release the Harmony 3 operating system on July 27. It is also expected that some other products of this company, such as the new generation MateBook and MatePad, will also be unveiled on this date. It should be noted that in early July, Huawei started releasing the beta version of its new operating system for the P50, Mate 40 and Matepad Pro 12.6-inch (2021) series phones.

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What is your opinion about the official announcement of Harmony 3 operating system capabilities? How do you think the new version of Huawei operating system will be? Share your thoughts with us.

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