The air date for the third season of The Walking Dead, along with a new trailer, was announced by AMC during San Diego Comic-Con.

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AMC has announced the broadcast date of the third part of the final season of The Walking Dead, along with a trailer, on October 10 this year. The new Walking Dead trailer begins with a review of the events of the previous seasons, and then the sentence “All of the last 11 seasons have caused such events to happen” is shown.

In this trailer, you can have a general look at the upcoming battles that will take place between the heroes of the series and the Miltons in the Commonwealth. Finally, an intelligent zombie is shown that can complicate things for our heroes.

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Trailer and release date of the third part of the final season of The Walking Dead

AMC writes in the description of the trailer for the third part of the final season of The Walking Dead: “Together we end this battle.” You can watch this trailer below:

Finally, this year, after 12 years and 11 seasons of The Walking Dead, this series will end. Greg Nicotero, the director of the final episodes, said about the filming of these final episodes:

The final episode was filmed in 15 days. In the middle of this long shoot, we would stop working and announce the end of the actors’ work after the final scene was shot. I knew this was the last time I could issue the command to record. Although it was sad, it also meant the end of work, success and crossing the finish line.

Air date of the third part of the final season of The Walking Dead

Although the Walking Dead series ends this year, despite several spin-offs of this series, it is unlikely that anyone will feel its emptiness. So far, the production of more than 3 spin-offs from this series, one of which was “Fear the Walking Dead”, has been confirmed.

Another spin-off will be the Isle of the Dead series, scheduled for 2023. In this series, Maggie played by Lauren Cohen and Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan fight zombies in New York City.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead are other spin-offs of this series. Apart from these cases, AMC is also going to make a series centered on Rick Grimes starring Andrew Lincoln and Michonne starring Danai Gurira in 6 episodes and broadcast it in 2023.

Despite all this, there is nothing left to worry about for fans of apocalyptic genre series.

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