The brick prevented my targets from burning. Who do you think is successful? A person who develops himself in all dimensions and not only by cultivating one dimension, but also in all dimensions, is successful. I am active in the field of refractory bricks, now I want to introduce some items to you.

French firebrick

Although in the past French refractory brick It was produced in a completely normal way and it was mostly used for the Chinese wall, but with the passage of time and using different compounds in its production process, we see the production of different and diverse bricks, each of which is very useful for different purposes. They are practical and appropriate. According to the type and structure of bricks, a temperature above 1000 is used for them. These types of bricks, which are usually produced by special molds, are placed in rows in thermal furnaces and are completely baked and ready for production.

French refractory brick is one of the most resistant examples of this product, which is produced at a temperature of 1600 degrees Celsius, for this reason, this product shows a very high resistance to high temperatures and fire. The mentioned brick, which is white in the beginning of the production, in order to be produced with different colors and mainly for the interior, before they are placed in the thermal furnaces, they are mixed with different colors and become colors like Red, brown, orange and various other colors come out.

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Kazakh refractory brick

Kazakh bricks It is one of the types of bricks and made of clay, which was made since the time of the Cossacks and became common after that. The Cossacks used it in various buildings and added a lot of beauty to their buildings. The reason for this type of bricks is known as Kazakh. The soil used in Kazakh brick is clay, and this brick has been used in the construction of various facades and buildings since ancient times, and it gives a traditional, old and intimate look to the facade of the house and can be used for people who like old buildings. and beautiful and this type of nostalgic building style is a suitable choice. The price is another difference that exists between these two different types of bricks and depends on various parameters such as: how they are made (firebricks are completely machine-made, without the intervention of human hands, and Kazakh bricks are handmade by factory workers. And of course, they are made with more time.

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Alkaline refractory brick

Today, firebricks are produced in different qualities in our country and this product has different types and one is the best type Alkaline refractory brick It is in the first place. This type of brick has a longer lifespan than other materials such as lime, stone, granite, etc., and in addition to having excellent quality, it has a very reasonable and affordable price. Firebricks are created by dry pressing, hard mud, soft casting and hot pressing process used in making bricks, firebricks are created by dry pressing, hard mud, soft casting and hot pressing process used in making building bricks, and the materials Initially, these types of bricks are melted in electric furnaces, and the melted materials are poured into the cores, and after cooling, the bricks are separated from the cores and stored in warehouses.

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