Many fantasy shoujo anime have fun themes. Stay with the figure rather than with The best shoujo fantasy anime get to know

Shoujo and fantasy are two of the most popular genres (All kinds of anime genres) are mediums that have recently been featured in anime such as Tokyo Mew Mew New and the second season of Orient. Shoujo manga and anime (The best shoujo anime of 2022 and all time [+مانگاهای شوجو]) usually targets young girls and features brave female protagonists, and the fantasy genre explores magical and supernatural elements of all kinds.

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The best shoujo fantasy anime

What are the best shoujo fantasy animes?

You can list The best shoujo fantasy anime See at a glance in the list below:

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best shoujo fantasy anime

When they combine to take the heroine girls on adventures in all kinds of fantasy worlds and stories.The best fantasy anime 2022+ of all time) would yield some of the best and most enduring anime ever made. Out of all the anime on the International Movie Database (IMDb), this anime has the highest fan rating of all time. So if you want with The best shoujo fantasy anime Get to know, stay with us in this article to introduce The best Fantasy Shojo anime let’s pay

Little Witch Academia

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best shoujo fantasy anime

“The heart that believes is your magic!” – These were the words that Atsuko Kagari’s role model, the famous wizard of the Shiny Chariot, spoke to him in a magic performance many years ago. Since then, Akko lives by these words and dreams of being like the Magician’s Shiny Chariot, the Magician who can make people smile. Hence, even his non-magical background would not prevent him from enrolling in the Luna Nova Magical Academy.

However, when an excited Akko finally arrives at her new school, the journey there is anything but smooth. After his perilous journey, he befriends the shy Lotte Jansson and the sarcastic Susi Manbauran. To his delight, he also discovers the chariot staff, the shiny rod, which he claims is his own.

Unfortunately, her time on Luna Nova turns out to be more challenging than Akko could have believed. He absolutely refuses to be inferior to the rest of his peers, especially his self-proclaimed rival, the beautiful and talented Diana Cavendish, so he relies on his determination to compensate for his aloof demeanor and lack of magic. At a time when witchcraft is in decline, Little Wizard Academy follows the magical adventures of Akko and her friends as they learn what it truly means to be a witch.

Little Witch Academia expands Akko’s character very well. His high energy and determination does a great job of carrying the show, especially through a developing storyline about how the magical world has changed in the modern age. Akko’s adaptability to succeed in school is exactly what their community at large needs.

Sailor Moon Crystal

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best shoujo fantasy anime

Although Usagi Tsukino is a bit clumsy and tears easily, she is a normal 14-year-old girl who is in her second year of high school. However, that all changes when an encounter with Luna, a mysterious talking black cat with a crescent moon on its head, leads to the animal giving her a magical brooch. Usagi can now transform into Sailor Moon, a magical girl in a sailor outfit who protects love and peace.

Usagi is appointed Guardian of Justice and tasked with searching for the legendary Silver Crystal, a magical artifact of immense power, as well as finding the other Sailor Guardians and the missing princess of House Luna. However, his mission is not without opposition. Queen Brill, the ruler of the Dark Kingdom, wants to claim the silver crystal and take its power for herself.

Like the classic Sailor Moon, Crystal features some of anime’s bravest heroines, and while fans agree that its art style and animation take some getting used to, this reboot (The worst anime reboots) matches the original manga more than the depth of the character, narrates the story with a better speed and has excellent music.The best popular anime music) is.

Ascendance of a Bookworm

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best shoujo fantasy anime

Urano Motoso loves books and has an endless desire to read literature regardless of the subject. She almost fulfills her dream job of becoming a librarian before an accident ends her life. As he takes his last breath, he wishes he could read more books in his next life.

As if fate were listening to her prayers, she was born as a weak five-year-old girl in the Middle Ages.The best animes that take place in ancient times) lives, wakes up. What immediately comes to mind is his passion. He tries to find something to read, but is disappointed that there are no books available.

Without a printing press, books had to be handwritten and copied, which made them expensive. As such, only a few nobles can afford them, but that doesn’t stop Mine. He will prove that his will to read is unbreakable and if there are no books around, he will make them himself.

While its slow pace may frustrate some viewers, others will find its premise (which is unique among the ISKA genre, featuring warrior heroes rather than creators or scholars), bright and Its colorful and super sympathetic hero will be enthralled.

Cardcaptor Sakura

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best shoujo fantasy anime

Ten-year-old Sakura Kinomoto is an ordinary fourth-grader living in Tomueda until one day she stumbles upon a mysterious book called “Klo”. Reflecting on his discovery, he inadvertently causes a magical wind to scatter the cards across the city.

This incident awakens a strange beast, Krobrus, nicknamed “Crow”, who tells Sakura that he has spread the mystical “Clo Cards”, created by the sorcerer Clo Reid. Due to each card’s ability to act independently and their incredible power, Kello had destroyed them. Now that they’ve been released, the cards pose a great threat to the world, and it’s up to Sakura to put an end to them.

Appointing Sakura as the “card catcher” and giving her the sealed key, Crow tasks her with finding and retrieving all of Chloe’s cards. Alongside her best friend Tomoyo Daidouji and with the guidance of Crowe, Sakura must learn to balance her new secret duty with everyday problems as she embarks on her magical adventures known as Cardcaptor Sakura.

Cardcaptor Sakura is still popular for its fun, light-hearted tone and broad appeal. Its comedy, action, and romance scenes (especially after the introduction of Sakura’s love interest, Syaoran Lee) are very good, and served as a great example for the magical girl anime that followed.

The Twelve Kingdoms

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best shoujo fantasy anime

Yoko Nakajima just wants to be normal. He does what is asked of him, gets good grades, is the president of his class, and even helps his classmates whenever he can, but because of his red hair, he was never normal. So he has no one he can truly call a friend.

But on an ordinary day, a man claiming to be from another world walks into Yoko’s classroom and bows before her. This beautiful blond man, Keiki, claims that Yoko is his master and belongs to his throne. However, their first meeting is cut short as Kiki is pursued by otherworldly beasts called Yuma.

He is able to escape to his own realm with Yuko, but two other classmates, Ikoya Asano and Yuka Sugimoto, are also caught up in the madness. Unfortunately, their troubles are just beginning, as Yuma’s attack separates them from Kiki. Alone in this strange new land, these ordinary students must learn to fend for themselves.

Based on Fuyomi Ono’s ongoing series of novels, The Twelve Kingdoms not only has a rich and fascinating fantasy world, but also a great arc for its protagonist. Yoko begins the story as a terrified, out-of-her-depth child who falls apart in the harshness of her new world, and ends it as a wise and powerful queen with a strong circle of friends and allies. The presence of The Twelve Kingdoms in the list The best Fantasy Shojo anime It was a priority for us.

Yona Of The Dawn

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best shoujo fantasy anime

Princess Yuna, the only child of the musician King Koka Il, lives a carefree life in the palace until her older cousin stage a coup and assassinate her father. Escaping with the help of her bodyguard, Hawk, one of the anime’s most loyal sidekicks, Yuna must learn about the kingdom she’s always over-protected, gather allies, and become strong enough to wrest the throne from the boy. His uncle will take it back.

Yona of the Dawn is a perfect blend of political intrigue and fantasy elements. This unfolding story about the descendants of ancient dragons, all of whom are destined to rally around the rightful ruler of Yuna, blends well with the more realistic work of Koka and the neighboring kingdoms. Huck and Yuna’s romantic subplot is also very well done: the two become very attached to each other in a way that’s a lot of fun to watch.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best fantasy shojo animes, the best fantasy shojo animes

Utena Tenjou arrives at Ohtori Academy dressed as a boy and holding a rose signet ring, allowing her to participate in the academy’s secret duels for the hand of Rose’s bride, Anthy Himemiya. Joining Anti is said to grant the winner of the duels the power to change the world, but Utena decides to win not for power, but to fulfill her childhood ambition of becoming a prince like the mysterious figure who saved her as a child. .

With stunning visuals and action, explorations of complex themes such as gender roles, trauma and coming of age, and a plot with enough ambiguity and subtext to make for an interesting series, Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of the most influential shoujo anime of all time.

Princess Tutu

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best shoujo fantasy animes, the most popular shoujo fantasy animes

In a fairy tale that comes to life, the clumsy, sweet and gentle Ahiro (“duck” in Japanese) seems an unlikely character. In reality, Ahiro is as magical as the talking cats and alligators that inhabit his town, since Ahiro is actually a duck. Transformed into a human girl by the mysterious Drosselmeyer, Ahiro soon learns the reason for her existence.

Using her magical egg-shaped pendant, Ahiro can transform into Princess Tutu, a beautiful and talented ballet dancer whose dances free people from the turmoil in their hearts. With his newfound ability, Ahiro takes on the challenge of collecting the missing pieces of his prince’s heart, as he broke it long ago to destroy an evil crow forever. Prince Tutu is the story of heroes and their struggle with fate. Their beliefs, feelings and ultimately their actions determine whether this fairy tale can reach its “happy ending” or not.

One of many iconic anime turning 20 years old in 2022, Prince Tutu uses visuals, music and character designs from famous ballets to tell its extraordinary story. The anime further explores its own storytelling mechanics as its characters fight to break free from their predetermined roles and ultimately reach new heights by taking control of the story for themselves.

Fruits Basket

The best shoujo fantasy anime
The best shoujo fantasy anime, the best shoujo fantasy anime

Fruits Basket is a great example of a show with a clear vision, and this anime delivers it perfectly. The characters, voice acting, animation, music, and plot are all done with love and care, making it almost impossible not to get attached to the characters.

When a landslide destroys the tent Toro Honda was living in, the members of the respected Soma household allow him to live with them while his grandfather rebuilds his house. But when Toro accidentally falls into Kyu Soma’s arms and suddenly turns into a cat, readers will understand why the Soma family always keeps a distance from others.

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