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From its beautiful animation to epic action sequences, Attack on Titan (Review of Season 4 Attack on Titan) Is an exciting anime. However, one of the most prominent aspects of this anime is its characters. From the first season to the second half of season 4, this anime was able to introduce people who are very entertaining to watch and give the viewers an emotional connection.

The best anime characters attack Titan

Meet the top characters attacking Titan

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The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attack Titan

Attack on Titan (The best anime dialogues attack Titan) On the Ranker site Top anime characters attacking Titan Have been selected based on voting. For example, they voted for characters like the brave Sasha Braus and the curious dreamer Armin Arlert. If you want to The best characters to attack Titan Get acquainted, join us in this article to introduce them.

History Reiss

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attack Titan

History was originally a sub-character in the anime. Everyone knows him as a shy yet kind person, but he has a deep secret that changes everything quickly. After it became clear that he was the real ruler of the walls, Historia became the main leader of Shiganshin. A woman who was once unsure of her place among her friends is now a queen ready to take on anything.

History is a person who aspires to excel but lags behind because of his insecurities. He also has a painful past, but what is surprising about him is that through all this pain, History became a great and courageous leader. History is different from other sub-characters in the anime, because when it is first introduced, it is a weak person and after a while it becomes one of the characters that make the most difference in the story.

Connie Springer

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attack Titan

Among his peers, Connie is one of Titan’s most extroverted characters. He can also sometimes lose focus. But that changes after Connie realizes that her mother has become a Titan. From then on, he became more serious and eager to overthrow the opposition forces of his group.

The mineral is the enthusiastic and positive person of the group. Although he sometimes does funny things, he is finally ready to take care of the band’s serious affairs when the time comes. What makes this character so special is that he is a completely normal person. Connie is not the king of walls or a titan who is supposed to save the world, he is just Connie, the kid who wants to bring peace to his land.

Jean Kirstein

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attack Titan

At the beginning of the anime, Jean is introduced as an arrogant character who only cares about himself. But after Marco’s death, everything changes and viewers gradually see a lot of changes in Jean. Jean, who just wanted to go the easy way, is now a leader who is ready to help his comrades in any way he can.

Because of his flaws, Jean can understand others and befriend them empathetically. It is as if Jean sees a little of himself among his friends and can understand their feelings to some extent. He is definitely one of The best Attack on Titan characters Is.

Armin Arlert

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attack Titan

Although Armin is portrayed as a character with self-esteem problems, he is one of the smartest characters in the anime Attack on Titan. His intelligence and understanding have led many characters to go to him in difficult situations. Armin is also a very loyal and optimistic character who can sometimes hurt him.

There are many reasons that make Armin one of the top characters in Attack on Titan. Armin, for example, was one of the only people to realize that Annie Titan was female. He also sacrifices himself several times to save his friends. Sure, his friends have these traits, too, but what makes Armin great and distinctive is his character development throughout the anime.

Sasha Braus

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attack Titan

Sasha who is one of The best female characters in the anime It’s a surprise to many. Because it seems that the only thing he cares about is food, but in serious situations, Sasha is willing to do whatever it takes. All anime fans know that Attack On Titan is a dark anime and also needs some kind of comedy relief. Sasha is the comedy relief that this anime needs.

What makes her character even better is that Attack on Titan reveals Sasha’s strengths in serious situations, especially when her life is lost in a shocking turn at the beginning of Season 4.

Erwin Smith

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attack Titan, the best anime characters attack Titan

Ervin gets all the attention several times during the anime, and this is because of his courage and leadership skills. He is responsible for recruiting Levi to the leading army and has saved many of his comrades, including Ern, from being captured by Rainer and Bertold. But Ervin’s courage is also his downfall. A good example of this is when he sacrificed his life and that of his soldiers so that Levy could fight the animal titan. This fight is also one of The best anime fights Is.

What makes Erwin a lovable character is that despite his power and authority, he treats his friends like family. His friends know that they can come to him in case of danger.

Eren Yeager

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attacking Titan, the best attacking character on Titan

The main character of the story, Ern Yeager, has a lot of enthusiasm. He is determined to avenge the deaths of his mother and friends who died because of the Titans. As he discovers his new Titan power, he slowly becomes a leader that his friends can follow. It can easily be said that Ern The best character in Attack on Titan is.

Ern’s character development is very special and rare. He never gives up to achieve his goal. This makes him a lovable character. Ern Yeager goes through many sad moments during his life. These moments are real human emotions that many people can understand. The loss of his mother and the desire to avenge his death or to discover his Titanic powers and use them to protect his friends is a great example of this.

Mikasa Ackerman

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attacking Titan, the best attacking characters on Titan

One of the mysterious characters of this anime, Mikasa Ackerman, is a full-fledged warrior who has some of the best action sequences in this anime. His main purpose in life is to protect Ern, and his loyalty to Ern is so deep that he is willing to sacrifice himself for Ern.

Although Mikasa can sometimes be somewhat dry, there is a bit of sadness about him. A clear example is his background. Mikasa’s parents are killed in front of his eyes, and he is constantly ridiculed as a child for his appearance. These are the examples that make Mikasa a real character.

Hange Zoe

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attacking Titan, the best characters attacking Titan

Hong is an intelligent and knowledgeable character. He is an important mentor and friend to Ern and other characters in this anime. Hong is also fearless. For example, he was one of the few people who believed that Ern could be part of the leading army. This shows what an intelligent character he is.

What makes Han so lovable is that he is selfless. If he believes in someone, he will not give up on that person. Without Hong, Ern and the leading army could not have survived at times. By risking his life and experimenting on the Titans, he helps people better understand them. He also helps Ern discover his powers.

Levi Ackerman

The best anime characters attack Titan
The best anime characters attacking Titan, the best anime characters attacking Titan

Levy, who is a cool, calm, and collectible character, while not the main character in the series, is arguably the most popular and, according to Ranker, The best anime character attacking Titan is.

Fans quickly fell in love with his humor by presenting numerous epic action scenes throughout the anime. Another reason he is on the list of the best characters to attack Titan is his excellent fighting skills, which are responsible for some of the best action scenes in the anime. His sympathetic tragic story also added another layer to his character.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the best anime characters attacking Titan

In what season does Erwin Smith’s character die?

This lovable character loses his life in the third season of episode 18.

Who is Attack on Titan’s most popular character?

According to Ranker, the most popular attack character is Titan Levy Ackerman.

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