Iranian cinema has very successful male and female actors. In between, young actors of the 80s are also seen who have been able to have a lasting presence. In your opinion, who are the best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema?

Today, some actors of the 80s have been able to shine well in the world of cinema and television and have attracted the attention of many people. Most of us know these young actors and we have seen beautiful movies from them.

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The best Iranian actors of the 80s They are introduced below. You can learn more about these talents by following the list below.

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The best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema

From the past until now, Iranian cinema and television have welcomed many artists from different decades. Cinema and television have always introduced talented children to the world of acting in different decades, who sometimes played important roles and won various awards.

Many talented children have been introduced to the world of acting and have been successful. These small and talented stars have also played the main roles in some movies and series.

In the following, we decide to introduce the best Iranian actors of the 80s who are well-known figures in cinema and television.

Sara Hatami

  • Year of birth: 1384
  • Works: Wound work

Sara Hatami is an emerging actress born in the eighties. He became famous with the series Zhob Kari directed by Mohammad Hossein Mahdovian. The actress who played the role of Maede in the series of Wound Kari went on stage in several theater shows after taking Ashkan Khatibi’s acting classes and was able to play a role with the stars in the series “Wound Kari”. He is one of the best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema.

Ruhollah Zamani

  • Year of birth: 1384
  • Works: Khurshid, Ashura

This talented actor appeared in front of the camera for the first time in the movie “Khorshid” directed by Majid Majidi and changed the course of his life. Rohollah once attracted the positive opinion of the media and experts with his brilliant performance in the movie Khurshid, and then he became the actor of the teenage role of Shahid Khosrow Mollazadeh in the Ashura series directed by Hadi Hijazi Far.

Nyusha Alipur

  • Year of birth: 1390
  • Works: Boy of the Engineer, Qasr Shirin

Nyusha Alipour is the youngest actor in the list of Iranian teenage actors of the 80s and is considered the only actress of the 90s in Iranian cinema and television. Nyusha was chosen to play in “Qasr Shirin” along with Yuna Tedin after shining in the series “Engineer Boy”.

Nyusha, like Yuna, was able to attract the attention of the audience and critics with her very good extroverted acting and sweet words during the film, and even Masoud Frosti praised her performance in the Haft festival program.

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The original Nika Furqani

  • Year of birth: 1383
  • Works: Capital, Life Again

Nika Farghani Asl was born on August 8, 2003. He became famous along with his sister in the acting profession by playing in the series Capital. These two sisters were born in Tehran but currently live in Sweden and it is interesting to know that Nika Farqani is one minute older than her sister Sara.

The first acting experience of these two sisters goes back to the series “Revival to the rare and holy workers” in 2004, when both of them were nine months old.

In that series, they played the role of two sisters who were separated from each other in childhood and one lived in a rich family and the other lived in a religious family.

Sara and Nika Farqani’s father was originally a football player and played in the youth league in the Railway and Aqab teams for 15 years. Nika Farqani is interested in veterinary medicine.

The original Sara Furqani

  • Year of birth: 1383
  • Works: Capital, Life Again

Sara Farqani is the twin sister of Nika Farqani, who have works together. These two sisters said in the interview that it is difficult to act in the capital series, but all the factors help us to play this role better.

According to Sara Farqani, they had many offers from other series, but they did not accept them. Sara and Nika Farqani actually have nearly half a million followers on their personal page on Instagram and have shared more than 60 posts with their users on this personal page.

Irfan Barzin

  • Year of birth: 1386
  • Works: Maybe it will happen to you too, Shemadoni, Bachelors, Astigmat and…

Irfan Barzin, born on December 4, 2016, is another talented teenager in acting. This actor started his career with a short appearance in one of the episodes of the series “Maybe it will happen to you” but he became known with the series “Shamadouni” directed by Soroush Sehat.

The actor who played the role of Shaitan Shamadouni became a polite and calm boy in three seasons of the Bachelor series. Irfan Barzin’s works in cinema and television include Good, Bad, Ugly series, Rented House, and the films Zaman for Love, Astigmat, and Little Heroes.

Mania Alijani

  • Year of birth: 1387
  • Works: A house on 41st Street, Hot Summer, Monster and…

Manya Alijani was born on July 25, 2007. He started his acting career in cinema, theater and television in 2014. He now lives in a family of four and has a brother named Berdia.

He started acting in 2014 by playing a role in the movie A House on 41st Street directed by Hamidreza Ghorbani. Also, in 2015, he played a role in the movie “Hot Summer” directed by Irajzadeh.

One of the most colorful works of this 80s actor was his performance in the TV series Heyola, which made him one of the best actors of the 80s in Iranian cinema.

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Parsa Karakhanlu

  • Year of birth: 1382
  • Works: I am her husband, the old land and…

Parsa Karakhanlou was born on June 28, 1382. He has acted in the movie “I am my husband” with many famous actors such as Mustafa Zamani, Mitra Hajjar and Niki Karimi. So far, he has played 20 works, including movies, movie trailers, and series, the most important of which are Sarmeen Kohen series, Haft Sang series, and the movie Man is his wife.

Yona Tedin

  • Year of birth: 1388
  • Works: Blind Spot, Baby Engineer

Yuna Tadin started her career in 2013 and her first experience was acting in the movie Dotkin Kor directed by Mehdi Golestane. As a child, when he was only one and a half years old, he played in commercial teasers, and then he auditioned for the series “Bacha Engineer” and was selected among 700 people.

Bacha Mohandas series is an Iranian TV series that has been aired in the drama genre, and its main actors include Yuna Tedin, Mani Rahmani, Rozbeh Hesari and Mohammad Reza Derari.

Kermanian’s song

  • Year of birth: 1388
  • Works: The Long-tailed Trickster, Pillows, Hashtak Khale Susuke and…

Ternam Kermanian started his career in this profession in 2015 by acting in the movie The Trickster with Long Tail. Tarnam Kermanian’s first appearance was in home theater movies and his appearance in the movie Pillows, and this series has a children’s and social theme.

For the second time in 2017, he played a role in the Hashtak Khale Souske series, which was one of the series of the Home Show network. Among his theaters, we can mention Mah Dar Ab Theater directed by Seyed Ali Hashemi and TV series Nafs Shirin, Deldadegan, Hatef, etc.

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Amirreza Faramarezi

The best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema
  • Year of birth: 1386
  • Works: Ski, Takhti, from fate

Amirreza Faramarzi, who is one of the best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema, started his career in this profession in 2016 by acting in the movie Ski. He is currently also acting in TV movies and has won many awards in this profession. Amirreza Faramarzi is originally from Bakhtiari and lives in Kohrang city in Shahrekord province.

He acted in his first film when he was only 10 years old, and when he was 11 years old, he appeared in the movie Takhti in the role of Jahan Pahlavan Gholamreza Takhti. His first experience in acting on television began with the series Fateh.

Mahdi Ghorbani

The best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema
  • Year of birth: 1381
  • Works: Forever and one day, twenty one days later, Abu Ghraib Strait and…

In addition to introducing himself as a genius in the field of cinema, Saeed Raushi also introduced Mehdi Ghorbani to Iranian cinema as a very talented actor in the movie “Forever and One Day”. Mehdi Ghorbani played a central and important role in the movie “Ever and a Day”.

In addition to “Ever and One Day”, Ghorbani has also appeared in successful films such as “Twenty One Days Later”, “Abu Ghraib Strait” and “Zero Day”, although “Zero Day” has not been released yet. Mehdi Ghorbani received the best young actor award from three prestigious domestic festivals for his role in the movie “Twenty-one Days Later”.

easy going

The best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema
  • Year of Birth:
  • Works: small rusty brains and…

Homan Sidi, who is a master of discovering acting talents, played a scene with Mehyar Rahat Taal in the series “Ashganeh” and realized that Mehyar has a great talent in this matter and chose him for “Little Rusty Brains”.

Mehyar Rahat Talab, who is one of the best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema, has only acted in two films so far, and it is not yet clear whether he can remain in this field or not. Mehyar showed that he has a lot of ability to be in this arena with his very good performance in “Little Rusty Brains”.

Mani Rahmani

The best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema
  • Year of birth: 1383
  • Works: Baba’s Wife, A House on 41st Street, Boy of the Engineer 2, Satayesh

Mani Rahmani starred in the series “Zen Baba” directed by Saeed Aghakhani in 1989, when he was only six years old, but his first important role was in the movie “A House on 41st Street” where Hamidreza Ghorbani trusted Mani. .

Most of Mani Rahmani’s fame goes back to the series “Engineer’s Child 2” and the controversial events of that series about his wife’s child, which caused Mani to be seen more than ever. Since 1389, Mani has experienced appearing in television works by acting in the series “Zen Baba” and “Sataish”.

Mohammadreza Shirkhanlou

The best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema
  • Year of birth: 1385
  • Works: Returned check, Chimney

Mohammad Reza Shirkhanlou interviewed one of the reporters one night during a football game, and that reporter later introduced Mohammad Reza to Sirus Moghadam for the return check series. Mohammadreza Shirkhanlou is one of the most well-known among Iranian teenage actors of the 80s.

After appearing in the “Returned Check” series, he was widely seen by playing in the “Chimney” series and officially became one of the regular child and adolescent actors in movies. Mohammadreza Shirkhanlou, who has an extraordinary talent in this field, was nominated to receive the Crystal Simorgh for his role in the “Dahliz” series.

In this article, we reviewed and introduced the best Iranian actors of the 80s. Young actors who despite their young age have been able to cope with the important roles that have been given to them and remain. These children and teenagers will surely be among the best actors of Iranian cinema in the future.

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Who are the best Iranian female actors of the eighties?

In this article, a list of the best actors of the 80s of Iranian cinema was introduced. Among these people, there were also female actors who, it must be said, were able to shine well in the assigned roles. Sara Hatami, Manya Alijani and Nyusha Alipour are among the successful actresses of the 80s Iranian cinema.

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What is your opinion about the best actors of the eighties of Iranian cinema? What other actors do you think can be included in this list? Please share your thoughts with Tekrato and other users in the comment section.

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