Registration of orders for imported cars worth 20,000 euros Began. Applicants can refer to the comprehensive trading system to register their order.

List in the past days Imported cars worth 20,000 euros It was published along with their specifications and prices. According to this news Registration of orders for imported cars worth 20,000 euros At Comprehensive trading system Began. In this sales plan, so far 12 companies have announced their readiness to import their cars worth up to 10,000 euros and have been approved.

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Registration of orders for imported cars worth 20,000 euros

So far, 12 companies have received the necessary license to import cars. Applicants Car import They can take Product ID and confirmation After sales service to Comprehensive trading system referred to and compared to Registration of orders for imported cars worth 20,000 euros take action ministry of silence He says that he has done his duty to resume imports and from now on the process depends on the companies active in this field.

Contrary to recent rumors and concerns about the possibility of cancellation or long-term postponement, Car import process It has entered a more serious stage and now a special system has been considered for placing orders for 20,000 euro cars. Apparently, in the near future, we will see new foreign cars entering the country’s market.

Registration of orders for imported cars worth 20,000 euros

So far, 12 companies for Import of cars up to 10,000 euros They have announced their readiness and have been approved. Now it’s time to place an order for imported cars worth 20,000 euros, and the comprehensive trade system has started working again after years of inactivity.

Major Imported cars Belonging to companies Chinese, Korean and Japanese and among them some European products are also seen. Spokesman of the Ministry of Silence recently List of imported cars has announced that the names of models such as Hyundai Accent, Changan CS35, MG3 and Citroen C3 can be seen in it. These cars are all priced below 10,000 euros and are expected to compensate for the lack of economical cars in the Iranian market.

However, considering the budget allocation of 1 billion euros and setting the second ceiling, it is possible to enter more expensive cars with a maximum price of 20,000 euros, and applicants can refer to Comprehensive trading system Than Registration of import orders for cars worth 20,000 euros take action Of course, before entering the system, Preparation of product ID and confirmation of after-sales service is nessessary.

The product ID can be found through Product ID system Received. To get approval, you must first go to one of Technical and engineering service offices, maintenance and repair He referred and after going through the necessary steps, he handed over the after-sales service confirmation to the automotive industry office to be systematically registered.

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Imported cars will probably arrive in the country in three months

Abdullah Tavakoli Lahijani Director General of Automotive Industries of the Ministry About arrival time Imported cars He said to the country:

This issue depends on the speed of action of importers. The companies are busy doing things related to the import process and it is not possible to announce the exact time for the import because the car import depends on the relationship between the importing companies and the car manufacturer as well as the car import process, but it is expected that the car import will be done in the next three months. .

Registration of orders for imported cars worth 20,000 euros

Seyyed Reza Fatemi Amin Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade Also, on the sidelines of the meeting of the government delegation, regarding the time of importing cars, he stated: “The government has provided the regulations and necessary conditions for importing cars.”

He added:

It had been 4 years since the car import mechanism was closed. The law of the parliament also has a provision with the title that the import of cars must be linked with technology and preparations must be made for this.

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade further emphasized: “Since last week Registration of car import order It has started and foreign companies should also enter in this field.

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