With The beginning of the contact with extraterrestrials project Researchers have started a new project to communicate with extraterrestrial beings with new methods.

The beginning of the contact with extraterrestrials project of effort and cooperation Scientists Creative and persistent, it first originated 35 years ago. These scientists have started a project to see if communication extraterrestrial entitiescan answer with them.

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The beginning of the contact with extraterrestrials project

If extraterrestrials Send us a message today, how should humans respond to it? The answer to this question is not clear at the moment and that’s why researchers have started a project rather than a protocol or guideline for Communication with space aliens make

A team of policy experts and scientists have teamed up to establish, for the first time in 35 years, a set of rules for the entire world to follow when communications from extraterrestrialsto know how to answer them.

John Eliot Computer scientist From the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, which is the interdisciplinary institutional coordinator for the guidelines, says their team will look beyond the impact of extraterrestrial detection on humanity, and will seek to answer the question of how to respond to possible contact. Spacemen give

Currently, the only code of practice in this field was established in 1989 by the member community of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life (SETI). This manual mainly focuses on the importance of sharing the news of this connection with the people Scientific society It is focused.

But now a new entity called the “SETI Detection Hub” has begun to focus on scanning signals to detect aliens instead of sending messages to aliens. Possible messages from extraterrestrials and developing a framework to discover concepts from these signals. They will also develop mechanisms for encounter assessment, reports to outline specific policies, and protocols and treaties for responding to potential alien messengers. Eliot says:

Will there ever be a message from extraterrestrials? we don’t know And we do not know when this will happen. But we know that we cannot be scientifically, socially and politically unprepared for an event that may happen tomorrow.

Contrary to the idea of ​​conspiracy theorists that aliens have come to earth, a few days ago it was said in a report that U.S. Defence Ministry It is believed that most of the unidentified flying objects or UFOs Actually Spy drones China and Weather balloons are.

Scientists during 9 months to review the current data about UAPs They will pay attention and determine which sightings are naturally occurring or which ones are not worth further investigation.

The beginning of the contact with extraterrestrials project

“Because of the discovery of thousands of planets around distant stars in our own galaxy and closer to Earth, through exploration of nearby worlds such as Mars and Venus, public interest in identifying past or present life has increased significantly,” the researchers wrote.

Potential discovery microbial life Probably following different types of concerns Discovery of life Smart will create. At the same time, we are still not completely ready for an intelligent life.

Researchers claim that there is currently no known crime that naturally occurs Quantum messages which can be mistaken for extraneous signals.

It’s just speculation right now, but the research gives experts another sign of life to look out for. Researchers say:

Basically, we have to get where we can Quantum signal coming from an astrophysical object or even an intelligent signal from an extraterrestrial civilization.

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