The conditions of the Internet these days in Iran are such that it cannot be called a complete shutdown or freedom of access! It is said that The beginning of class filtering in Iran Is.

The internet these days seems accessible, but obviously manipulated; Something that ultimately the user feels as a disturbance, but business managers struggle with it every moment.

Internal network manipulations During the last week, there were severe disruptions, as a result of which the workload of the network managers of the organizations increased and they had to spend a lot of time investigating and solving the problem in order to re-establish the network connection in their companies. Aber Drak, in a report that examined the disruptions from November 12 to 19, emphasizes that changes in the Internet infrastructure and Filtering at the port level It is being done that some manipulations may be experimental ways to start class filtering in Iran.

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The beginning of class filtering in Iran

Among the most important signs of this situation that the business managers encountered during the last week should be the unavailability of some IPs of Cloudflare, the disruption of intercity communications during certain hours of the day, the creation of restrictions on the Irancell network in protocols, ports and addresses. Specifically, he pointed out closing tunnels, closing Well-Known ports, limiting uploads, disrupting Cloudflare’s DNS and not generating free SSLs.

As the public relations manager of Aberdrak said, this information has been collected and analyzed from the experiences of network managers of this company, reports of users in other services, users of Cloudflare services, and problems faced by internet business operators.

The beginning of class filtering in Iran;  Discrimination in Irancell-style filtering!
The beginning of class filtering in Iran

According to Aber Drak, one of the most important disorders that was detected during this period, Blocking of Well-Known ports It was shown Filtering at the port level in processing. Disruption on these ports such as port 22 or RDP or any Well-Known port that is secured with TLS such as SSH protocol was one of the most important problems of the last week.

For example, to connect SSL from an outside server to inside and copy a backup file, port 22, which is well-known and secured with TLS, does not work; But it works with other ports, for example, port 25. A problem that blocked the possibility of a secure connection. Last week, the filtering of Natals caused problems in the network infrastructure of many businesses and multiplied the work of network managers.

Also, since the first days, the filtering of internal network networks was one of the main goals of this week’s disruptions. The blocking of the Natels caused many businesses’ network infrastructure problems and increased the work of network managers. They spend a lot of time reconfiguring the routers and setting up the network.

Another problem during this period was the disruption of intercity communication during the day. The inter-provincial communication was frequently disrupted in the last two weeks from 8 am to 11 am and from 5 to 7 pm.

This issue also existed in intra-city communications, and for example, the connection between two data centers in Tehran was disrupted during certain hours of the day. Aber Drak concluded that this disruption was not done by the data centers and seems to be due to the changes that are being applied to the internet infrastructure. Infrastructure changes are generally applied to tunnels and tunneling protocols are targeted.

The beginning of class filtering in Iran;  Discrimination in Irancell-style filtering!

Another part of the Aberdrak report can also indicate the difference in filtering between operators. In this report, Irancell works exclusively on smart IP filtering, and routing IPs that are on the filter breaker in this operator face important problems. Also, some VPN protocols that can still be used to bypass filtering in other networks are blocked by Irancell. In the last ten days, these manipulations have reached their peak. Previously, the head of Nasr Data Centers Commission in Tehran had said:

“Some websites are not filtered in certain operators, which indicates possible corruption in filtering and discrimination in dealing with different operators, and we have to wait for more clarification and explanations from the authorities in this matter.”

The main purpose of these disorders is filtering and restricting access and all Internet businesses It affects both those who have online service and those who don’t.

Although new things happen every day and it is not possible to recognize a specific pattern for restrictions, but these experiments are probably in the direction of applying class filtering. Aber Drak’s report, pointing out that manipulations of the internal network last week caused instability and many disruptions, says that based on the observations and experience of filtering in the past weeks, the main focus is on creating restrictions on the Internet network, and it seems that some of these manipulations are experiments. Be new ways for The beginning of class filtering in Iran !

What is stated in the Aberdrak report is an analysis of the situation faced by users, especially technical users and network administrators. A situation where internet connections are established, but nothing can be done and the stability of each connection is a big problem!

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