According to Aftab newspaper of Yazd, model Chinese and Russian filtering It has started in the country. But should we expect more restrictions?

Aftab newspaper of Yazd, in a report it recently published, claimed that a model similar to the model Chinese and Russian filtering It is running in the country.

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The beginning of Chinese and Russian filtering in Iran narrows the space!

According to the report of this newspaper, in addition to continuing to block IPs and closing Path of filter breakers Another model of Fitlering is running. In part of this report it is stated as follows:

“The idea of ​​decision-makers that the national information network is working and Iranian applications work without disruption is a misconception because the continuation of these startups requires services that are either filtered or banned. On the other hand, these strict restrictions that have been established in the field of the Internet in the 13th government, which will certainly not result in anything but criticism and anger from the people, have once again strengthened this old hypothesis of the implementation of Chinese and Russian filtering in the country.

Amir Hossein Zarin, an IT expert, in a conversation with Aftab Yazd newspaper, referring to the recent restrictions, said:

“We were always afraid of this mistake of Internet restrictions, which unfortunately happened. Earlier they filtered Telegram and now they did it with WhatsApp and Instagram, which of course worsened the situation. Because at that time when they created restrictions for Telegram, people did not take their businesses to Telegram and invested more on Instagram. “Unfortunately, the livelihood of several thousand families has been jeopardized by the Instagram filter.”

Chinese and Russian filtering

This IT expert in particular Increasing the use of filter breakers also explained:

“But these filters and limitations created the filter breaker. The point is that since the maintenance costs of filter breakers are so high, we can’t believe that many companies will provide them for free. Some time ago, it was announced that most of the phones in Iran are infected with malware, and these malware are the same filter breakers, which are not known from where they are downloaded. And we have seen the results of this hacking many times in some government offices.

Amir Hossein Zarin, referring to the continuation of the process of restricting platforms in China, added: “For several days, almost no VPN is working. In fact, they have identified the IPs and then blocked them. For this, they are using Russian and Chinese algorithms. do Therefore, it can be said that they are probably promoting the Russian and Chinese filtering model. Considering the restrictions it has placed on social networks, China claims that a large number of its country’s population uses WeChat, while its users do not have access to the international networks they are using WeChat.

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