The audio file of Lorfat Masih Alinjad about hijab has received a lot of attention in social media and has had a wide response. Continue with this article to explore more about this issue.

The released video of the leaked audio file of Masih Alinjad’s talks about hijab and the Islamic Republic of Iran has been widely reflected on Instagram. Masih Alinjad, born on 20 September 1355 in Babol, is a journalist. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Oxford Brookes University, England, and now he is an employee of Farsi-language networks abroad.

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Listen to the audio file of Lorfete Masih Alinjad about hijab

In this video, Masih Alinjad says that hijab is one of the main pillars of the Islamic Republic, and if we destroy it, it will be easy to overthrow it. Also, Vahid Yaminpour, Deputy Minister of Sports, says in this video: They say release the scarf, but he is not satisfied with removing the scarf; Now he is wearing a scarf on a stick and standing tall, tomorrow he will put his shorts on a stick!

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His original name Masoume Alinjad He was born in Qomi village in Babol, his father is a farmer and his mother is a seamstress, and he has two older brothers and two sisters. In the 7th parliament, he worked as a parliamentary reporter for ILNA until he was expelled from the parliament in 2013 for publishing news about Eid payments to the representatives.

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